WATCH: Marcello Hernández Competes for Short King Crown During ‘SNL’ Skit

Lead Photo: NBC
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In a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Marcello Hernández was featured as a contestant on a Bachelorette-esque reality dating show where all the men stood below 5’8. “Will this queen crown her short king?” the opening teaser asks.

During the show, the host (Mikey Day) referred to the contestants as “little guys” and “lil bachelors.” The woman at the center of the competition, Tiffany (Chloe Fineman), spent three months getting to know the men and had finally narrowed it down to three finalists, including Hernández’s character, Teddy.

“When I came to Short King Mansion, the first thing I thought was, ‘Damn, I should have packed more flats,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany went on to compliment Teddy on proving to her that “sometimes the best things come in small packages … and sometimes small packages have medium-sized packages.”

Unfortunately for Teddy and the other two contestants, the host introduced a surprise bachelor into the competition, Jackson (Jacob Elordi), a brainless loser who exceeded the show’s height limitations. Before even hearing Jackson speak, Tiffany was ready to crown him the winner.

The bachelors got a last chance to impress Tiffany by telling her everything they love about her. Teddy’s answer was simple: her heart.

Tiffany still picked Jackson. Luckily, Teddy took it all in stride and the show wrapped up with all the short kings dancing. Teddy chose to dance the Cabbage Patch and live his best Short King life.

In an episode of SNL last year, Hernández represented short kings during the show’s Weekend Update segment and said he considered the term “short king” condescending. “It’s an insult followed by a compliment,” he said. “You wouldn’t call someone a snaggletooth genius.”

Watch the “Crown Your Short King” skit with Marcello Hernández below.