5 Best Moments from Bad Bunny Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Courtesy of NBC.
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Bad Bunny took over 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s studio 8H Saturday evening (October 21) as the host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live. As an entertainer, Benito was in his element as he performed in a series of comedy sketches and sang two of his hit songs from his latest album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.

In case you missed it, we’re sharing five of our favorite moments during Benito’s appearance on SNL. To watch all the sketches, visit SNL’s official YouTube channel on Sunday morning or watch the episode again on Peacock.


Pedro Pascal to the Rescue

During Benito’s opening monologue, Pedro Pascal joined his friend on stage to translate some Spanish, as Benito jokingly shared that he didn’t trust subtitles. It was a callback to the Grammys fiasco earlier this year when the words “Singing in Non-English” appeared at the bottom of the screen as he performed. Pascal and Benito riffed off one another for a few minutes, and both laughed at the fact that Bad Bunny couldn’t make a self-deprecating joke.


Mamá & Tía

Pascal returned to the stage later in the episode to reprise his role as Marcello Hernandez’s mother, who isn’t very happy with the non-Latina girls her son is bringing home for dinner. This time, Marcello’s aunt – Bad Bunny in a dress – is visiting and isn’t very impressed with her nephew’s girlfriend either. Both mother and aunt taunt the girl, and Pascal even throws out the cookies she brought so that she can use the tin for some of her sewing knickknacks.



Intro by Lady Gaga

No big deal… Lady Gaga joined the studio to introduce Benito in Spanish for his first song of the evening, “Un Preview.” Gaga yelled out, “Nuevo York! Puerto Rico y todo el corillo … Bad Bunny!” Benito then took the stage alongside a coin-operated horsey ride. Gaga wasn’t the only fellow musician to join Benito during the evening. The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger also made a couple of cameos.


La Segunda Canción

Since Bad Bunny sampled Charles Aznavour’s song “Hier encore” in his newest song, “Monaco,” it only made sense to have violinists on stage to start the performance. The presentation of the song was memorable, too, with masked men jamming out at a big dinner table. Plus, Pascal introduced Benito for the second song, which more than made up for the lack of an Al Pacino cameo.


Bad Bunny As Shrek

During a video from the SNL writing team known as Please Don’t Destroy, Benito dressed up like the animated hero Shrek and dropped hints that he wanted to do a Shrek-themed skit or even a live-action feature movie. Members of the troupe seemed a bit frustrated with Benito’s ideas for the script. For example, why is Michael Jackson in a Shrek skit? Benito gets depressed when the writing team doesn’t seem enthusiastic about his plan. Luckily, they change their minds and continue to read the screenplay, only to find it has much more emotion than they could have imagined.