WATCH: Shakira Almost Destroyed by This Hot Sauce on Latest ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

Lead Photo: Credit: First We Feast/YouTube
Credit: First We Feast/YouTube
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Shakira is doing it all during this press cycle for her latest album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran. Today (April 4), the Colombian superstar appeared on the popular YouTube talk show Hot Ones, where she took on 10 fiery “Wings of Death” alongside host Sean Evans.

During the last recording of the show’s 23rd season, Shakira started on a high note, prepared with Vaseline on her lips. After the second wing, though, she started to “get scared.” After smooth sailing the first wings, she asked if people usually quit after the fifth wing – the Queso Sin Queso – a wing sauce that guests either strongly hate or love. During this wing, she said her lips were getting itchy and joked about how she hoped they got plump like Angelina Jolie’s.

It all started to go downhill by the halfway mark. The “TQG” singer started to feel the heat, especially after No. 6, which caused her to laugh through her pain. Once she reached No. 7, she drank some macadamia milk, hoping to neutralize her blazing tastebuds. By No. 8 – the infamous Da’ Bomb – Beyond Insanity – she actually puts her tongue inside the milk because it was so intense. Afterward, she said, “I’ve never tasted anything like that in my life!” and called the wing “banned” and “castigado.” Her facial reactions were everything.

Throughout the conversation, not only did Shakira conquer the wings, but she also shared anecdotes. She recounted to Evans the time her album lyrics were lost at a Colombian airport, resulting in the album’s name Dónde Están los Ladrones?

Another interesting insight was her talking about how her voice has evolved throughout her career. She said that in her early years, she would “overdo” the “cries” in her voice. Now, she feels her vocals are more mature after being pregnant. She said that since then, her voice has gotten “thicker,” “rounded,’ and more “full,” making her feel more evolved as a woman.

She also shared how she tailors all aspects of her productions — from her recordings to her stage. When asked about her most expensive stage production fail, she said it was a cobra that cost her a million dollars and ended up losing her money at the end of a sold-out global tour.

To close out the episode, she associated specific songs of hers with the Wings of Death, which was a notable change of pace from previous interviews. She related “La Tortura” to Da’ Bomb – Beyond Insanity, “Cómo Dónde y Cuándo” to The Last Dab Xperience, and her classic “Whenever, Wherever” to Los Calientes. 

Watch the new Hot Ones episode with Shakira below.