WATCH: Cardi B Finally Makes Her ‘Hot Ones’ Debut — & It’s Hilarious

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Cardi B gives her fans what they want. This week, the rapper took on the “Wings of Death” during this week’s episode of Hot Ones, the popular YouTube talk show where celebrities experience ten increasingly spicier hot wings while answering on-point questions about their successful career.

Though she got through her few wings easily, even calling the first one “cute,” the Dominicana started to lose her composition on the fifth wing. She went from calling the wings “cute” to describing them as a “little b*tch.” The last wings caused her to scream, freak out, and even wish to return home with her kids.

As far as the conversation goes, they talk about her newest single, “Bongos,” and how Cardi “automatically” liked the song from the first time she heard it. They also touched on subjects like her album-making process. She says the average person wouldn’t relate to her personal struggles, so she likes her album to stay fun and geared to “pop some p*ss.”

At one point, the talk show host Sean Evans asks what it’s like to record a clean version of her explicit records. “So annoying, like you know, I’m doing the clean version, and it’s like alright, baby, eat it up like a plum,” she tells Evans. “And it’s like… you still can’t play that for pop radio, whatever. And I’m like… baby, eat these peaches and plums… But I had no choice. So baby, eat these peaches and plums.” 

They also talked about pop culture. Cardi B says she doesn’t believe aliens exist because they haven’t invaded us yet. After talking about looking up to Jay-Z and Rihanna, she also fantasizes about how her WWE grand entrance would look. She also takes a moment to talk about her admiration for American history – apparently, she’s a huge fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The “Bongos” rapper is the second guest on the show’s 22nd season. Other previous Latine talents who have participated include AnittaPedro PascalJenna Ortega, and Salma Hayek. Rauw Alejandro also appeared as Rosalía’s plus-one back when they were a couple.

Through her signature, infectious charisma — and cursing up a storm – Cardi B powered through the ten fiery wings. Watch the new episode below.