Drake in Spanish, the Celia Cruz Novela + More Stuff to Check Out If You’re Stuck at Home

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Waiting to be in the clear during a hurricane can get boring, and there’s only so long you can go without going kinda nutty listening to the whistling of the wind. For all of you stuck at home because of Hurricane Erika, we’ve got you covered with a list of seven stories you should read.

This way down the Remezcla rabbit hole:


Brazil May Institute a Day of Reflection to Look Back on Historic Defeat Against Germany

Remember that historic beating Brazil took in 2014? Well, Brasileiros may soon have to relive that dark day over and over with a day of reflection. Read the entire story here.


Latinos’ Top Spiritual Advisor Walter Mercado Goes In on Donald Trump’s Future

Walter Mercado has spoken, and Donald Trump is over. See what happened when Walter read Trump’s cards here.


This Is What the Epic Celia Cruz Novela Will Look Like

It’s been nearly 12 years since Celia Cruz’s death, and now La Reina de la Salsa is getting her own telenovela, launching in the fall on Telemundo. Now, we have an idea of what that will look like. Check that out here.


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Just Got Even More Legendary Thanks to Fuego’s Spanish Remix

You’re probably already hearing Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Now, hear it in Spanish.


This Crime Doc Is a Weird Tale of a Guy Who Went Looking for Pablo Escobar’s Pet Hippos

Photo: Huffington Post

One dude thought it was a good idea to go to Colombia after he read about Pablo Escobar’s hippos. It didn’t turn out well for him. Read the story here.


Why Diego Rivera Never Finished His Monumental Mural To Mexican Sports

Rivera thought this was going to be one of the most defining moments of his career, but it never came together. Find out why here.


8 Ways Latin America Is Obsessed With ‘Dragon Ball Z’


Mostly, Latin America has expressed their love of Dragon Ball Z through song, but there are some surprises. Read the post here.


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