6 Latin American Astrologers Who Aren’t Walter Mercado

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Walter Mercado is an icon. For decades, the Puerto Rican astrologer has spiritually guided our community with his daily horoscope rundowns. Today, while less active on our TV screens, he still sends us “mucho, mucho amor” with youthful tips, public addresses to corrupt politicians and his almost-neighborly ethereal advice. His warm approach to astrology, fabulous capes and early representation of gender nonconformity drew Latin American and Latinx viewers in years ago and continue to make him a star for both generations old and new. But despite his global veneration, he’s not the only Latin American astrologer counseling our community.

Across the region, spiritual guides continue to help viewers on their relationships, careers, dreams, health and losses. Some of them are Mercado’s contemporaries and others were inspired by him, but they are all successful and beloved in their own right. Here, some of the most-esteemed Latin American astrologers looking to the stars to find answers that help us all.



Alberto Roy

Alberto Roy has been a main figure in Latin American media for decades. The astrologer, who’s also a graphologist, chiropologist and numerologist, has given forecasts on TV and publications in Latin America and the U.S. Considered an astrologer to the stars (with photos alongside Eva Longoria and reggaetoneros like J Álvarez), that doesn’t mean Roy has forgotten about everyday people. The spiritual guide provides daily horoscopes on YouTube, with each video garnering tens of thousands of views. At 70 years old, he has a massive following of people of all ages worldwide who trust and admire him.


Dr. Veroshk Williams

In Puerto Rico, Dr. Veroshk Williams combines her clinical psychology background with her astrological work to help her understand her clients emotionally and create a space for healing. The Afro-Boricua offers multiple services, including guidance through clinical psychology, one’s astral chart, numerology, one’s solar return, sinastria as well as energy syntony. Through Instagram, she also provides weekly astrological forecasts and helpful mantras.


Mauricio Puerta

While currently residing in Miami, Mauricio Puerta is undoubtedly Colombia’s most famous astrologer. An anthropologist with a concentration in archeology, he is captivated by ancient knowledge. Through his research on the ancestral past, he became interested in astrology. One of the most esteemed Latin American astrologers of all time, he has guided presidents, bankers, celebrities and more. Since 2006, he has also hosted the hourlong show Puerta Astral on MegaTV.


Mhoni Vidente

Mexican astrologer Mhoni Vidente is one of the most popular spiritual guides in Latin America. Her predictions, including many interesting forecasts about President Donald Trump, and daily horoscopes are published in Latin American newspapers as well as Latinx publications, making Vidente’s reach far and wide. With millions of followers across the globe, she is considered one of Mexico’s most-famed astrologers.


Meredith Montero and Fabiola Bejarano

In Venezuela, duo Meredith Montero and Fabiola Bejarano are rising astrologers who are captivating the South American country. The pair host a show called Los Astros on Venevision that airs on weekdays. On the morning show, the women offer the public astrology, numerology and name analysis rundowns, interviews holistic specialist from around the world and provide viewers with tools for personal growth and prosperity.


Ernesto Rodas

Colombian astrologer Ernesto Rodas might be familiar to those who watch Spanish-language news. He’s often a guest on Despierta America and Prima Hora, where he offers forecasts on romance, finance, careers and prosperity. In addition to being a TV personality, the writer and lecturer also does astrological consultations over the phone.