Another day, another opportunity to drag Ted Cruz. Mere days after he defended far right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, people are now calling the Cuban-American senator spineless. As Cruz seeks re-election in Congress, he’s seen the distance between him and underdog Beto O’Rourke narrow. Cruz has called on President Donald Trump to drop by Texas to bolster his campaign. Despite the two’s rocky history (Trump has insulted Cruz’s family several times), Rafael Edward is confident Trump will come and sing his praises.

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“I hope to see him in Texas,” Cruz said. “I think we are likely to see the president down in Texas before the election… We’re talking to the White House every week, sometimes every day. I’ve been proud to lead the effort to bring Republicans together.”

While Ted is still the favorite, the race has shifted from “likely Republican” to “lean Republican,” according to the Cook Political Report. A new Texas Lyceum poll only gives Cruz a 2-point advantage. It seems he’s feeling the pressure, and now people are calling Cruz out for seeking help from a man who he previously described as a “pathological liar.” Trump, for his part, has also bad-mouthed Cruz.

For that reason, people have called out Cruz for turning to Trump. Check out a few reactions below.






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