7 New Festive Songs to Add to Your Holiday Season Playlist

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Christmas time is finally here! After Halloween’s annual spookiness, it’s time to get festive and in the fa-la-la-la spirit with holiday music. And what better way to host this year’s festivities or get in a jolly mood than with a holiday-themed playlist for yourself and your loved ones?

Now, choosing the right Christmas music to listen to is all about your personal taste. Are you more of a classic Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” type of listener? Or are you inclined to listen to the emblematic Venezuelan staple “Mi Burrito Sabanero” over and over again? Perhaps you’re more into modern covers by artists who reimagine seasonal favorites. Personally, I enjoy a mix of all three. I like listening to Carey’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 Christmas tune (which is currently No. 2 due to Brenda Lee’s landing on No. 1 with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”), finding all the covers available of  “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” and discovering new songs to add to my playlist.

Whether you’re shopping for items to help you prepare for your holiday parties or buying special artist merch for the music lover in your circle, here are new music recommendations for your playlist. And who knows, maybe one day these songs will join José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad,” which is on Spotify’s Top 20 most streamed holiday songs for the second year in a row.

From Carla Morrison to C4 Trío and Nelson Arrieta, here are seven new holiday-themed tracks to make your Christmas even more special, festive, and memorable.

Carla Morrison - “Noche De Paz” 

Carla Morrison’s angelic voice is undoubtedly well-suited for sentimental ballads. In this case, she interprets the emblematic “Noche De Paz,” featuring her soothing vocals primarily backed with a soft acoustic guitar. As part of Kroger’s Holiday Remix playlist and campaign, Morrison said she added her personal twist to the already popular song: “It’s my own very special Spanish version of the classic holiday song.” In her video message, she also dedicates the song to all of her Latine community. Moreover, this isn’t the first time Morrison has covered “Noche De Paz.” In 2016, she included a piano-driven version of the tune in her La Niña del Tambor EP.

Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane - “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Christmas is a special time to reunite people. Such is the case of Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane, who gave their fans Fifth Harmony nostalgia with a brand new collaboration. In their new version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” the pop stars unite their breathy croons to give a new pop twist to one of the holiday’s most recognized songs. “I’m beyond thrilled to be back together with my former Fifth Harmony mate Dinah!” Ally said about the joint track. “There are no words to explain how it feels to be reunited with our collaboration! We hope to bring lots of happiness to our fans and the world with our reunion!” 

VALÉ - “the homesick song (xmas version)”

Colombian singer-songwriter VALÉ released a new version of “the homesick song” just in time for the holidays. This time, she dials in a sentiment that many people resonate with — not being around for special moments, such as Christmas. In this new version, she adds jingle bell sounds as a festive component throughout the emotional song. She also swaps out lyrics, this time singing about being alone for Christmas due to being a “small girl in a big city.” Overall, VALÉ’s “xmas version” gives a new meaning to the song, especially for those who can’t go back to their childhood homes this year. 

É Arenas, Austin Ford, Angélica Garcia, Lilo Sanchez - “Tuki Tuki”

It’s not a holiday playlist without a cumbia! Chicano Batman’s É Arenas – or Eduardo Arenas – released his newest navicumbia with the help of Austin Ford, Angélica Garcia, and Lilo Sanchez. The new track features cumbia rhythms, distorted synthesizers, and a range of voices singing “Tuki Tuki,” which we know from the Christmas classic “El Burrito Sabanero.” “This single follows my summer single release, ‘Takis,’ and builds on the grotesque, fun, big bounce, [and] dramatic personality of my latest cumbias,” the artist said in a recent interview about the new track. It’s also worth mentioning that Arenas releases a cumbia every Christmas, marking “Tuki Tuki” as his seventh drop to date.

Nino Augustine - “Fiesta y Borrachera” 

Let’s continue the playlist with more tracks to dance to. “Llego Santa Ninz🎅🏾 a ponerle sabor a sus días de fiestas [Saint Ninz has arrived Ninz🎅🏾 to spice up your holidays],” Nino Augustine announced online. His new festive track “Fiesta y Borrachera” features a groovy guitar and bassline, a rhythmic melody, and brass instruments that will surely put you on the dancefloor upon first listening. Nino’s vocals invite the whole world – even his haters – to party all night long. The chorus echoes the song’s title “Fiesta y Borrachera” while synthesizers dance on top of the melody. The result? Your official go-to song to ignite your next holiday get-together.

Matisse - “Last Christmas” 

Mexican pop group Matisse – formed by Melissa Robles, Pablo Preciado, and Román Torres – released their newest holiday-themed Una Navidad Con Matisse EP. One of the album’s standouts is “Last Christmas,” which features Robles’ crisp pop vocals accompanied by a minimalistic bassline and electric guitar. “We’ve wanted to make this record since 2019,” the group said in a press statement. “We LOVE Christmas more than most things in the world and ever since then we’ve been stuck with the idea and said, ‘Why not?’” Moreover, the new EP includes other festive tracks like “Llegó la Navidad,” “Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad” with Josue Alaniz, and the Ha*Ash-assisted “Blanca Navidad.”

C4 Trío, Nelson Arrieta - “El Burrito Sabanero”

We can never have too many tuki tuki tukis! This year, the Latin Grammy award-winning Venezuelan group released their cover of “El Burrito Sabanero” alongside the Venezuelan salsa singer Nelson Arrieta. The new cover features Arrieta’s vocals on top of the band’s signature multiple melodic cuatro guitar strings, a bass, and maracas. The offering is part of C4 Trío’s holiday-themed album Suena a Navidad, which is described as: “A tribute to Christmas, for all of us who are far away from those we love.” Suena a Navidad includes other featured artists such as Andrés Cepeda, Oscar D’León, and Ronald Borjas.