8 New Songs By LGBTQ+ Artists to Listen to For Pride 2024

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Many of the top artists in Latine music are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. In honor of Pride 2024, Remezcla is highlighting the queer Latine artists who are celebrating who they are in their music while pushing for more inclusion. 

Within el movimiento, one of the biggest artists in the world is Puerto Rican star Young Miko. While singing about her attraction to other women in hits like “Classy 101” with Feid or “Princess Peach,” she has amassed over 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Rising Venezuelan star La Cruz is blazing a trail for gay men in reggaeton with his songs like “Te Conocí Bailando” and “Easy Boy.” Tokischa, who is openly bisexual, is pushing dembow from the Dominican Republic into the mainstream with artists like Madonna and Rosalía.

In Brazil, Anitta and Ludmilla, who are both bisexual, are making Brazilian funk go global. Singer-songwriters like Puerto Rico’s Kany García, Peru’s Nicole Zignago, and Venezuela’s Yadam are making Latine pop more inclusive with their queer perspectives. Colombian star Esteman is also pushing the boundaries of Latine pop as an openly gay artist. Mexican-American singer Omar Apollo and Colombian-American star Kali Uchis are masterfully blending their bicultural worlds in their pop and R&B-infused bangers. 

On the música mexicana front, Raymix, Conexión Divina, and Michelle Maciel are bringing LGBTQ+ representation to the genre. Artists like Arca, Javiera Mena, Álex Anwandter are reminding the world of dance music’s queer roots while reclaiming those sounds. 

Since LGBTQ+ artists are making strides in Latine music and beyond, to celebrate Latine Pride 2024, here are eight of our favorite songs from the past year. 

Álex Anwandter - “Gaucho”

An artist who has always pushed the boundaries of Latine music in a sonic and political way is Álex Anwandter. Throughout his career, the Chilean singer-songwriter has always proudly represented the queer perspective in songs. Back in May, Anwandter released his seventh album Dime Precioso. Throughout the experimental LP, he embraces ‘90s-inspired house music. One of the fiercest songs on the album is the sensual “Gaucho,” where Anwandter sings about his lust for Argentine men. “I would say it’s about being horny in Argentina, above all other things,” he frankly told Remezcla about the track in April. Anwandter just wants to have fun, and it’s infectious.

Snow Tha Product - “Drunk Love” 

Snow Tha Product always boasts about being bicultural. The Mexican-American rapper has a Spanglish flow that represents her bicultural upbringing. Snow Tha Product also proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community as an openly gay rapper. She is helping push Mexican hip-hop to the forefront while empowering women and the queer community through her lyrics. On her 2022 album To Anywhere, she joined forces with Cuban-American singer Lauren Jauregui, who is openly bisexual, for the sapphic anthem “Piña.” Ahead of her upcoming Good Nights and Bad Mornings Tour, Snow Tha Product is keeping the fiery rap bangers coming. She recently re-recorded one of her fan-favorite songs, “Drunk Love,” with a fresh Jersey club twist.

Kany García & Young Miko - “En Esta Boca”

Back in 2016, Kany García made waves in Latine music when she revealed she was in a relationship with another woman. Three years later, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter married her partner Jocelyn Troche. In 2020, García serenaded Troche in the music video for “Lo Que en Ti Veo,” and since then, she has continued to normalize queer relationships through her music. Back in February, García teamed up with Young Miko for the bachata-infused banger “En Esta Boca.” Two generations of queer Boricua artists joined forces in the LGBTQ+ anthem, where they both sang about their attraction to women. On Oct. 9, García will kick off her U.S. tour.

Omar Apollo - “Spite”

Following the release of his debut album Ivory in 2022, Omar Apollo has become an empowering gay voice in pop music. Throughout the LP, he openly sang about his feelings for other men, especially in his breakthrough hit “Evergreen.” Omar is now gearing up to release his next album, God Said No, on June 28. The LP includes his euphoric pop song “Spite,” which talks about the struggles of space in a long-distance relationship. The funky beats allowed him to cut loose and bust a move in the colorful music video. On Aug. 20, he will kick off the U.S. leg of his God Said No World Tour.

Tokischa - “Sol”

Tokischa is one of the biggest Latine pop stars to emerge from the Dominican Republic. She has helped push dembow music from her country into the mainstream with collaborations like “Linda” with Rosalía and Madonna’s “Hung Up” remix. As an openly bisexual artist, Tokischa has also proudly represented the LGBTQ+ community. In 2022, she collaborated with DJ Marshmello on the queer anthem “Estilazo.” Tokischa is currently performing concerts across the U.S. on a tour in honor of Pride Month. Earlier this month, she also released the feel-good song “Sol,” in which she sang about partying until the sun comes up. 

Esteman & Villano Antillano - “Noches De Verano”

Throughout his career, Esteman has supported and empowered the LGBTQ+ community through his music. In 2019, the Colombian star teamed up with Georgel and Raymix, who are also gay, to remake the Juan Gabriel classic “El Noa Noa.” Through the music video for “Un Día En París” in 2022, Esteman proposed to his partner Jorge Caballero, who he married a year later. For his latest album, Secretos, he teamed up with Puerto Rican rapper Villano Antillano for the shimmering club banger “Noches De Verano.” Now that summer is officially here, Esteman and Antillano have your parties covered with this liberating queer anthem. 

Alexis Mvgler - “Contexto (feat. Vanessa Labios 4K)”

Reality TV shows like the Mexican spin-off of RuPaul’s Drag Race and La Más Draga are pushing Mexican drag queens into the mainstream. In the sixth season of La Más Draga, one queen who made an especially significant impact was Alexis Mvgler. Though she didn’t end up winning the show, the Tamaulipas native has amassed a large following thanks to her gritty and alternative take on drag, as well as her certified bangers. Mvgler is also making her mark as a recording artist. She teamed up with Mexican trans influencer Vanessa Labios 4K for the runway-ready banger “Contexto.” Mvgler blended tribal guarachero with elements of trap music in this fiercely mexicana collaboration.

La Negra Azul & Sara Hebe - “No Te Confundas”

Sara Hebe is one of Argentina’s top rappers. Through her fiery flow, she has used her songs to speak up for the LGBTQ+ community. As a lesbian artist, Hebe empowers both women and queer people through her punk-influenced music. She teamed up with La Negra Azul, who has said she is proudly “Black and villera,” for the song “No Te Confundas.” The alternative rap track blends elements of hip-hop with reggaeton and cumbia music. Hebe and La Negra Azul spit fierce rhymes about being powerful women who are ready to rule the dance floor with this knockout collaboration.

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