Bomba Estéreo’s Simón Mejía Shares His 5 Favorite Albums of All Time

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Here at Remezcla, we always make an effort to ask our favorite artists what their influences are. It’s a good way of learning how today’s Latinx musicians use tradition as reference points in their work. But beyond the iconic artists that have shaped the lives of so many music fans, we decided it would be powerful to ask our favorite producers, singers, and guitarists about specific albums that have moved them.

In the latest installment of our Top 5 series, we spoke to Simón Mejía of electrocumbia duo Bomba Estéreo about some of his favorite records. Since Bomba Estéreo had a landmark year with their viral video for “Soy Yo,” we thought we’d celebrate the occasion by digging into the duo’s musical influences.

Check out Mejía’s picks and some background on the selections below:


Willie Colón and Rubén Blades - 'Siembra'

“This is the record that opened up a tropical universe [of sound] for me, through salsa. And [it showed me] how in that universe, with tracks like ‘Plástico,’ you could find both the Anglo and Caribbean world, but in a completely Latino discourse.”


Guns N' Roses - 'Appetite for Destruction'

“[This was] my introduction to the world of hard rock. Probably the reason why I asked my parents for my first electric guitar.”


Pink Floyd - 'Dark Side of the Moon'

“[This was] my introduction to psychedelic rock and my departure from hard rock. With this record, I discovered what it really means to put layers of sound on an album.”


Daft Punk - 'Homework'

“[This was] my departure from rock into electronic music. With this record and its music videos, I was able to understand the immense world of music made with machines and by robots!”


Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto - 'El Baile Alemán'

“On this album of tropical Kraftwerk covers, I discovered the potential that sounds from this side of the world have when they collide with electronic music.”