WATCH: Bizarrap Teams Up With Duki For Highly-Anticipated 50th Music Session

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On Nov. 17, the prominent Argentinian producer Bizarrap teamed up with fellow rapper Duki for their newest collaboration: “Duki: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 50.” 

Not only does this fire collab mark a celebratory milestone for Biza’s productions, but he made it extra special by adding an orchestra of 80 musicians to the mix — who might not be featured in the music video but definitely make an impact on the record. “@duki || BZRP Music Session #50 AVAILABLE NOW,” Bizarrap’s post on Instagram reads

The 50th session is an ode to Duki’s musical career thus far. The lyrics describe the pressures he’s dealt with since his sky-rocketing rise as one of Argentina’s most promising rappers. He sums up this sentiment with bars like: “Pero las presiones se vuelven más grande’ y los miedo’ toman más tamaño / Una carrera que mantuve con altibajo’ más de cinco año’ / Empezamo’ tocando pa’ treinta persona’ y ahora te llenamo’ el estadio (But the pressures get bigger and the fears get bigger / A career that I maintained with ups and downs’ more than five years / We started playing for thirty people and now we fill up the stadium).” 

During the session, he also praises his family, team, and fans for supporting him throughout his rap career. He also gives a shout-out to his country and his early-on Modo Diablo stans. As far as the visuals go, Duki’s tattoos start to appear as he gets into his life’s story, presumably giving us more context to his verses’ timeline.

Bizarrap’s sessions are some of the most highly-anticipated releases in the current Latine music game. This session is currently No. 6 on YouTube’s trending music category. From his epic collaboration with Villano Antillano to the global success of his session with Quevedo – which has been in Spotify’s Top 10 chart for more than 16 weeks since its release (currently No. 7) – his production hype is unmatched.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time the two artists have collaborated. They’ve previously worked together on their track “Malbec,” “Sin Frenos” with Eladio Carrión, and “YaMeFui” with Nicki Nicole

Watch the “Duki: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 50” video below.