14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From KABLITO to Natanael Cano

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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two.Some of the featured artists include KABLITO, VF7 and Young Miko, Natanael Cano, and Coco & Breezy. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

KABLITO - “Grammy”

Following “Chance,” the Ecuadorian-born, currently L.A.-based artist KABLITO released “Grammy.” This new single is a light trap-infused rhythmic track that talks about her dreams and manifestations. It encapsulates a mellow, acoustic guitar-driven melody infused with an alternative pop feel. Throughout the song, her auto-tuned flow blends in with the track’s trap elements. The brand-new music video features the contemporary singer-songwriter as a boxer, metaphorically representing the amount of resilience she has to accomplish her goals as an artist. –Jeanette Hernandez

VF7 x Young Miko - "Aprovéchame bb"

The skyrocketing yet emerging Puerto Rican artist Young Miko released “Aprovéchame bb,” her newest reggaeton pop collaboration with Vf7. Miko’s distinguished and unmatched deep flow on the rhythmic track demonstrates — yet again — that she’s one of the femme leads in Puerto Rico’s new wave of rap artists to reckon with. Together with Vf7, they are part of the new generation of female rappers reclaiming the music scene. The two fresh artist’s lyrics and wordplay push boundaries, making it known that el movimiento’s scene is not restricted to only men. The result? A boss track that leaves you craving more of Miko’s verses. – Jeanette Hernandez

Los Látigos - “Tan Capaz”

Back in the — relatively — carefree Y2K era, electroclash was perhaps the most emblematic music of the time; its cheap synths, incessant rhythms, and detached vocals oozed decadence and cool. Argentina’s Los Latigos was one of the best outfits of the era, with catchy and reckless songs to boot. Before that, they debuted with Premier, a more eclectic affair produced by frequent Soda Stereo collaborator Daniel Melero, which is being reissued after being out of print for years. “Tan Capaz” highlights everything that makes Los Látigos such a unique band— the song is sophisticated, fun, kitschy, and bright—while dabbling in something not quite their sound, riding a trip-hop beat with jazz flourishes. — Marcos Hassan

Natanael Cano - "Selfies"

While he has made it clear that he’s not a fan of selfies IRL, Natanael Cano’s latest single is about giving ladies the perfect opportunity to post them on their socials. This corrido tumbado features the genre’s signature guitar strumming rhythm with subtle touches of trumpets and tuba while the singer brags about drinking, smoking, and having a good time at the club. Not content with that, the chorus tells how girls can get down with the bubbly and to make sure who to tag on their post because, after all, it’s Natanael’s party; we’re just living in it. — Marcos Hassan

Nino Agustine - “Noche”

Panamanian talent Nino Augustine continues to rev up motors in anticipation of his November album Champion Ninz, dropping the new single “Noche” along with a saucy music video to accompany it. The track, produced by Capo Musica, combines influences from dancehall, afrobeat, and funk for a sonic cocktail tailor-made to get hips swinging. Nino sings about those chance encounters that sometimes lead to more, and he aims for this song to be the soundtrack for just that experience. The short track doesn’t overstay its welcome but exudes spirited vibes with every second of its running time. — Juan J. Arroyo

deadperrx & djeii - “LEJOS DE AQUÍ”

The frenetic energy of Niko’s Eurobeat hit “Night of Fire” meets Latine emo trap in deadperrx’s “LEJOS DE AQUÍ,” the newest single from the Puerto Rican hyper-pop savant. On the heels of their debut EP, HARAJUKU, deadperrx (pronounced “dead perre”) continues with the eccentric fusion of sounds that has quickly made them a fan and artist favorite in the local music scene. Their EP was an eclectic mix of glitch, lo-fi, and techno with some perreo added for good measure. Here they team up with their brother, djeii, a producer in their own right who, together, are opening doors to new music that fans never knew they needed. — Juan J. Arroyo

O Campo - "Tatarô"

Brazilian indie group O Campo gives off a cozy ensemble of trippy sounds and psychedelic folk with its first single, “Tatarô.” The interlocked guitar harmonies are the highlight of the song, along with the good breakdowns: one comes just after a sweet crescendo and while the other puts up a delightful confusion of grainy chords and enticing percussion. The track opens and entitles O Campo’s first EP—a good call to check out from side A to side B if you want a new take on old-school Brazilian fuzzy rock. — Felipe Maia

Mabe Fratti - "Desde el cielo"

Mabe Fratti’s “Se Ve Desde Aqui” will likely score on several best-albums lists in 2022. The Guatemalan artist has created an impressive universe with her last three albums, a beautiful patchwork of death nature, Bjorkien textures, and oniric landscapes transmuted into post-rock and new fusion jazz. Under a Latin American fantastic reality prism, “Desde el cielo” is another star in this constellation. It’s a free fall of flaring horns and displaced drums that give off both Ornette Coleman and Art Blakey, all stitched up by the Fratti’s combo of soothing vocals and insistent fingerpicking. — Felipe Maia

Ariel & The Culture - “¿Si Me Muero?”

Over the past few years, cheeky Dallas crooner Ariel Bobadilla, better known as Ariel & The Culture, has steadily harnessed a signature sound of vintage references and modern pop hooks. Dazzling cult singles like lo-fi cumbia “Dame Tu Amor” and the afrobeat-tinged “dizzy” positioned him as a hometown fixture. In contrast, his brand new single “¿Si Me Muero?” nestles in a comfy bosom of warped synths and throwback guitar riffs. The soaring torch song arrives in the run-up of Ariel & The Culture’s first national tour, as he takes his beloved Latin Prom Night events on the road alongside Victor Internet and Stereomance. – Richard Villegas

Faraonika, Alejandro Veneno - “Italia Fantasia”

There are some wild future sounds brewing in Argentina, and Faraonika is undoubtedly at the front of the pack. Melding R&B, reggaeton, hyper pop, and an encyclopedic breadth of classic sounds, the boundary-pushing chanteuse is crafting sultry bangers with producers like Coghlan and Percii. Her latest collab arrives with “Italia Fantasia,” teaming up with producer Alejandro Veneno for an industrial ballad rooted in italo disco and melodramatic breakups, echoed by droning heartbeat drums and twisted, glossy guitar effects. – Richard Villegas

Edu Requejo - “Suéltalo y Salta”

After releasing two EPs and over a dozen singles since 2020, up-and-coming Barcelona artist Edu Requejo has shared his debut full-length La Puerta Dorada. Formed by ten tracks (with two bonus songs included in the forthcoming vinyl edition), it’s a warm blanket of intimate electronic pop. The standout track, “Suéltalo y Salta,” is reminiscent of the 2000 Morr Music aesthetic, with a delicate clicking beat, quiet guitars, and a call from Requejo inviting us to let everything go, just go out and live life at its fullest. — Cheky

Daniela Lalita - “Atrás”

Multitalented Peruvian artist Daniela Lalita continues to drop stunning visuals for the music that comprises her newest EP, “Trececerotres” — and “Atrás” is next in line. In the song, she recurs to high-impact deconstructed rave beats to show us the full range of her distinctive voice, going from angry growls to caressing whispers. Its music video, directed by Nate Boyce (Reliquary House) and Paul Gondry (yes, the son of that other Gondry,) shows bleak images of a dystopic world that are right at home with “Atrás” and its alien sounds. — Cheky

Alaina Castillo - “fantasies”

Glimpses of “fantasies” emerged on singer and AWAL-signee Alaina Castillo’s Instagram last week when she hinted at the release of a follow-up to last year’s parallel universe pt 1 and shared a reel of herself singing along to the track’s hook. While the Houston native first gained a massive following by uploading stripped-down covers of Billie Eilish and H.E.R. songs via YouTube around 2018, “fantasies” finds her embracing full-fledged electropop stacked with atmospheric, high-tempo EDM. Castillo winds it down to a final lovesick, satiny refrain, turning her subtle flirtations into an earnest attempt at indulging in a fever dream-like fantasy. – Nayeli Portillo

Coco & Breezy, Baby Sol - "Magic"

There’s no doubt that twin sisters Coco & Breezy ooze an unmatched level of nonchalant coolness: on top of their leather-clad rocker meets Y2K pop goddess fashion sense, the two continue to break ground as celebrated Afro-Latina producers and DJs quickly dominating the world of dance music. The duo first unveiled the rave-inciting “Magic,” which dives even further into their love for hypnotic, four-on-the-floor-heavy beats, back in April during their set at Coachella. Congolese-British singer and songwriter Baby Sol’s smoky vocals ribbon around thumping kick drums and a bouncy bassline on this flawlessly-cut gem that is sure to ignite any dancefloor. – Nayeli Portillo