13 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Rubio to Silvana Estrada

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Vargas.
Photo by Esteban Vargas.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Rubio, Silvana Estrada, and ​​SoFTT. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Rubio - “Tu Olor”

Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. And on her latest single, “Tu Olor,” the Chilean singer and producer Rubio unpacks the myriad emotions triggered by the lingering scent of a lover. A raw, sensual energy permeates the song among booming bass lines and Rubio’s signature distorted howls. But this is ultimately a tale of affection and melancholy, exquisitely embodied by actress Amparo Noguera (Una Mujer Fantastica) in the song’s Cristian Pino Anguita-directed video clip. – Richard Villegas

Silvana Estrada - “Milagro y Desastre”

Following her cover of the classic “Tom’s Diner,” Silvana Estrada releases “Milagro y Desastre,” an earworm collaboration with Gustavo Guerrero. Unlike her other music, this particular heartfelt track takes us on a piano-driven, orchestral sonic journey lead by her powerful and melancholic voice. The result? A passionate mantra that teaches the listener that miracles and disasters can change your life and can also help you on your healing journey. – Jeanette Hernandez

​​SoFTT - “Kiero K Me Kieras”

Nothing says warm nights involving parties, good vibes, and sweaty dancefloors like techno-flavored pop, the kind filled with nostalgia and kitsch that makes you want to get crazy as you like, and SoFTT has the right song for this particular feeling. The project involving pop dembow stalwart Kablito and producer Trevor McFedries gets it right with this fired up track. “Kiero K Me Kieras” mixes four-on-the-floor beats, catchy synthlines, and vocal hooks to holler along to like if it’s a late ‘90s quinceañera, exploiting both artists strengths and delivering a would be classic. With their first song, SoFTT invoke an era of innocence, lust, and fun. — Marcos Hassan

Stella Santana - “Attention”

Singer and songwriter Stella Santana (daughter of iconic guitarist Carlos Santana) crafts spacious R&B songs with sun-soaked pop undertones that will surely charm fans of genre-bending head-turners like Jhené Aiko. On the flowy “Attention,” Santana sits oceanside and explores the ebb and flow of a relationship next to soft drums and daydreamy hooks. Renowned producers Ømen, Kris Keyz, and Nico The Owl spin their magic on this mystical track all about emotional reciprocation. – Nayeli Portillo

Chicocurlyhead - "Conejita" 

Rising Panamanian star Chicocurlyhead’s newest single, “Conejita,” is a summer-ready tune that “just feels fun,” according to the artist. The seductive and lustful track is the Atlanta-based artist’s first time playing with both afrobeat and reggaeton. It starts off innocently using the pet name, and then the temperature rises in the lyrics and when the beat kicks in. It’s no wonder he’s known as “el Pana con flow.” — Chelsea Quezada

Lulis - “Poesia”

Brazilian newcomer Luísa Gontijo is ready to release her debut album under the Lulis moniker this upcoming August. And to give us a taste of what’s coming our way, she shared “Poesia.” Produced by Kassin (of Los Hermanos fame), the song is a feel-good pill to brighten our day. It marries indie pop aesthetics, Gontijo’s sweet vocals, and whimsical lyrics that see little relationship differences through optimistic lenses. – Cheky

deadperrx feat. GRIIEGO - “Curaga”

As hyperpop continues making inroads in the local Puerto Rico music scene and gaining a diverse array of fans, artists leading the charge—like deadperrx—aren’t even thinking of slowing down. Their new album, Xelestia, is their best and most polished effort yet, offering the entire spectrum of vibes attainable within the genre. In “Curaga,” they team up with GRIIEGO, whose own album METEORA also quickly became a favorite in the scene. The song’s liberal use of electronic effects and stylized vocals only heighten the romance-tinged lyrics, which seem to exist outside of time and space but are still relatable to all. — Juan J. Arroyo


LSDXOXO - “Double Tap”

2023 has truly been LSDXOXO’s breakthrough year, already boasting producer credits on Kelela’s acclaimed comeback album Raven and a remix of Tokischa and The Martinez Brothers’ house-meets-dembow thumper “KILO.” This week he announced the launch of his label Fantasy Audio Group (F.A.G.), as well as his forthcoming EP Delusions of Grandeur, slated for a September release. With this slew of announcements also comes “Double Tap,” a raunchy, delicious slice of hypnotic techno drawing from electroclash camp, ‘90s rave culture, and a summer-fueled hunt for sex. – Richard Villegas

Tostao x Leysong x Buay Press x Dela King - “El Abogado” 

ChocQuibTown’s Tostao is back with “El Abogado,” backed by his collaborators Leysong, Buay Press, and Dela King. The sensual track is all about making someone yours, soundtracked by a catchy rhythm that quickly invites you to dance. This is no surprise since Tostao knows how to make people move with his Ritmo Exótico mix of Afro-Latino folkloric sounds and modern percussions. And with “El Abogado,” it’s no different. – Jeanette Hernandez

Felix III - “Pink Velvet”

Felix III is a Brooklyn-based queer Mexican-American artist whose work straddles the worlds of cosmic electro-pop and gripping performance art with music projects such as PALLUX. In his latest feat, he draws inspiration from the 1971 French underground experimental film N. a pris les dés and the world of tarot to explore an otherworldly realm where queer love and liberation merge. “Pink Velvet” is an ambient soundscape driven by rubbery bass lines and the transformative powers of The Magician card. It also doubles as a not-so-subtle ode to what the artist coyly refers to as “tukus lingus.” – Nayeli Portillo


Spanish artist Ghouljaboy teamed up with French musician and producer Myd on the eclectic new single “WANNA SAVE U! (FROM THE FAILED SYZYGY).” Produced by Raúl Perez, the two artists co-wrote the indie and synth pop song. On the production side, the synth flourishes and bassline add a stylized touch. The repetitive nature of the lyrics makes it easy to learn and sing along to. The short and sweet track lands at just over two minutes. It’s the fourth single from Ghouljaboy’s album, OH NO SYZYGY!, out June 16. — Chelsea Quezada

Lukrø & Cardozo - “Chiki”

Peru’s Lukrø and France’s Cardozo just dropped a brand-new two-track joint EP titled Chiki, and it’s full of Caribbean flavor ready to be poured on the dance floor at peak time. The title track is a perreo banger stylized with club music detailing and chopped vocals that intermittently brakes into a half-speed mode to give us a dynamic ride. But at the last minute, a sudden left turn takes us to an unexpected cumbia villera swing, and it’s a party. – Cheky

Floores - “NO VOY”

Putting a creative new spin on the old proverb of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” the music video of Floores’ newest single showcases the two-member band being pelted by various cakes and pastries, which they turn into snacks for themselves. After releasing their first music during the lockdown days of 2020, the Puerto Rican duo have spent the last few years opening for local acts like Gyanma and Enyel C, and producing for others. Dropping on the eve of their debut EP, “NO VOY,” is a catchy dreampop about the anxiety of trying to make someone understand a relationship is not working anymore.  — Juan J. Arroyo