Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Sammi Sanchez - "Pum Pum" ft. Reykon

Wow, we can’t say we were expecting this from bubblegum-pop princess Sammi Sanchez, but the reggaeton bug is biting everyone these days. She joins forces with Reykon to pay homage to El General’s ’90s reggae jam ‘Pum Pum [Mami Mami],’ imbuing it with a new perky poppiness that’ll undoubtedly appeal to radio listeners. -Julyssa Lopez

Akkan - "Ayuca"


BeGun took a trip to Africa on his last album Amma, and his new joint project with Ocellot sounds like he never really left the continent. “Ayuca,” off their debut EP Bananat, is a track made especially for the club – that is, a club you find in a sunset oasis after getting lost in the desert. This isn’t a mirage. -Cheky


Tayrell - "For You" ft. Safe Travel

The Mexican duo pitches a French house chill out tent. “For You” has a chorus that reassures as it soothes your senses. -Caitlin Donohue


Siete Catorce - "meetyomaker"

A new track by Siete Catorce is always good news for those of us who like to get busy on the dance floor, and “meetyomaker” is everything you can ask for from the Mexicali producer. Mutating beats, 3ball-like synths plings, sampled vocals, and constant melodic morphing. You’ll need more feet to really do these beats justice. -Marcos Hassan


Lito Kirino - "No Habrá Dilemma" ft. Kapuchino

Lito gives his heart on this track, calling up the Patti Labelle classic “Love, Need and Want You” (via Ashanti and Ja Rule) in time for the weekend with your trap Valentine. -Caitlin Donohue


Adelaida - "Fantasma"

True to their shoegaze and indie rock ancestors, Chile’s Adelaida invites you to tune your head to outer space, turning apathy into a gateway to some untapped euphoric feeling. Blame it on their exquisite vocal harmonizing. –Marcos Hassan


Fervors - "End Of Days"

For those looking for guitar music that doesn’t confuse coolness with laziness, we have a track from debuting Buenos Aires quintet Fervors. The song’s power pop melodies and starry-eyed optimism will fool you into thinking it’s about something less ominous than the apocalypse; be it as it may, it has us feeling good. –Marcos Hassan


Ness Nite - "Watercolor Roses"

22-year-old NYC-based artist Ness Nite defines her own work as “braless music,” and once you hear “Watercolor Roses,” that description really makes sense. The single, off upcoming debut album Dream Girl, is as free and effortless as it is political. “[The song] places us in the midst of our current shifting paradigm, a reality where women and femmes are aiming to truly live our lives for ourselves,” says Nite. “One that is fueled by the power of owning our sexuality, our bodies, and our lives.” -Cheky


Branko & PEDRO - "MPTS"

MPTS (or “meus putos”) is how the Portuguese refer to their crews. It’s also the name of a lit new jam by Branko and PEDRO (f.k.a. KKing Kong,) right on time for their European tour. This is the song to blast when you and your peeps hit the streets and turn the city upside down together. -Cheky


Linda Sjöquist - "Eternoretorno"

Venezuelan expat Linda Sjöquist, who used to record under the names Al Cruzar la Calle and Cancioneira, has resided in Sweden for several years. This change in location has served her melancholic aesthetics well. On “Eternoretorno,” the Maracaibo songstress casts a spell on us to make our deepest memories bubble up to the surface and make us shed a tear for what’s gone and may never return. -Cheky


Museless - "Cliché"

With droning synths and occasionally busy beats, Museless’ “Cliché” will keep you on your toes – getting you to blissfully swim around a distant galaxy at one moment and then ready to bounce around your room the next. The digital washes of the ever-transforming track invite you to travel time and space with Museless. –Marcos Hassan


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