11 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Eladio Carrion & Bryant Myers - “Animal”

Eladio Carrion is undoubtedly one of the rising urbano stars to watch. The former professional swimmer-turned successful-stand-up comic-turned coveted urbano collaborator can seemingly do no wrong – which is why he’s recently signed to Rimas Entertainment (the same powerhouse Bad Bunny is signed to), and even picked up an opening spot on J Balvin’s Arcoíris Tour. On “Animal,” he teams up with Latin trap pioneer Bryant Myers to deliver a nebulous trap anthem meant as the soundtrack to the after, after hours texts you probably shouldn’t send. -Eduardo Cepeda


Alexxxandrina - "Bailoteo"

Over the last few years, Monterrey has become a fertile breeding ground for Mexico’s trap and reggaeton insurrection – a legacy neo-perreo newcomer Alexxxandrina is more than eager to honor. With her second official single, “Bailoteo,” Alexxxandrina asserts herself as the scene’s newest pied piper, teaming up with local production guru Nurrydog to spark a litany of summer dance offs. -Richard Villegas


The Mueres - “Detector de Mentiras”

Chihuahua rockers The Mueres are back with a deliciously fuzzy new album called Frecuencias Fantasmas, which includes “Detector de Mentiras,” a crunchy track which tip-toes on the edge of shoegaze, presenting us a blissful, escapist alternative to the messed-up reality we live in. -Cheky


Letón Pé, PIEK - "THE ONE"

Seductive tropical pop vibes that immediately put you in the mood for partying on warm summer evenings set the stage for “The One,” an ode to a former partner in crime when the feeling of taking over the world was more palpable. Judging by her delivery, Dominican singer Letón Pé remains an artist with a hunger to let the world fall into her vision of sensual melody, while Spanish producer PIEK delivers a slick beat that fits the mood like the most miraculous bathing suit. -Marcos Hassan


Ionse - "Isla"

You can sense the summer vibes in the back beat of “Isla” as it lays itself on your ears. Bolivia’s Ionse might be delivering a lazy porch-by-the-beach sountrack but the message behind “Isla” is far from easy going; rather it concerns itself with picking up the pieces after feeling like you’re broken up and scattered on the floor, and retreating somewhere to be reborn. It’s fitting since this season can lend itself to reflection and reinvention, and what better way that to sing a melody like this than in an island of your own. -Marcos Hassan


Jardín - “Humo”

Hailing from Tijuana, Jardín follow up their 2015 album Todo es Temporal with a new single, “Humo,” where they give us psych-pop with a vintage feel. The song it’s light enough to send us floating up in the air where there are no problems, just pure unaltered love. -Cheky


Piso 21 & Myke Towers - “Una Vida Para Recordar”

Piso 21 and Myke Towers team up for a new reggaetón romántico anthem called “Una Vida Para Recordar.” In a sea of materialistic urbano songs, these guys go on a different route: they offer verses and life experiences to a love interest to win her heart. That sound like a good deal. -Cheky


Luna Luna - "Feelings in Me"

Every new release from Dallas indie crooners Luna Luna seems loaded with adolescent charm, and with their latest single “Feelings In Me,” the band continues to embrace their role within the romantic soundtrack of a generation. “Feelings In Me” is sweet, – perhaps even downright saccharine – but also another thrilling step towards an age where boys are increasingly less afraid to speak from the heart. -Richard Villegas


Rosalia - "Dios Nos Libre Del Dinero"

Rosalía dropped a new double single this week titled Fucking Money Man, hitting fans like a ton of bricks while providing plenty dance floor fuel for the weekend. A perfect foil to the extravagant camp of Catalá-sung “Millonària,” “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” is an almost nostalgic reminder of the earnest vocal gymnastics that made us fall in love with the Spanish diva before she became a global pop sensation. -Richard Villegas


MedioPicky feat. Adrianigual - “Si La Calle Bota Fuego”

Lovable Chilean indie pop weirdo Adrianigual has oscillated in and out of the spotlight since the release of his cult classic Éxito Mundial, tinkering with trap and reggaeton along the way yet shy of striking gold once more. While collabs with Ms. Nina and Planta Carnívora have raised eyebrows, his new feature on Dominican production wizard MedioPicky’s dembow street epic “Si La Calle Bota Fuego” might be the reinvigorating spark long time fans have been waiting for. A clear reference to El Alfa’s now classic “La Romana” verse, the song steers clear of the expected neck-breaking BPMs, instead embracing a lurching beat and melody of distorted vocal samples that ooze laidback swag and cast both artists as unshakable in their talent. -Richard Villegas


Joliette - "Vacío"

For the past few years, Puebla, Mexico’s Joliette has become synonymous with crazy as shit shows and daring, unconventional hardcore that goes beyond expectations. On “Vacío” and the rest of their album Luz Devora, the quartet are still guided by their desire for emotional release but break beyond their screamy mathy formula for something more atmospheric and direct. It’s still chaotic as hell and hard as nails, yet there’s something that grounds the sentiment and intensifies it. -Marcos Hassan