Abraham Vasquez Wants to Bring Corrido to the Mainstream

Photo courtesy Del Records

19-year-old Parral, Chihuahua-born, Abraham Vasquez kicked off his music career in a unique way last year. He debuted on Del Records last December with two Christmas-themed corridos titled “Triste Navidad,” and “Otra Navidad Sin Ti.” Previously, as a songwriter for other artists, Vasquez was now ready to gift the regional Mexican music world with his own talents.

“Abraham comes to innovate the regional Mexican genre, and I see him as the next great exponent of our music,” Del Records founder and owner Ángel del Villar told Remezcla in a statement. “On a personal level, I am very proud of having him onboard, as he is a very humble young man and eager to succeed.”

Vasquez has released a few more singles since then, including a music video for his latest one “Lo Tienes Todo.” His eagerness to make a name for himself is very clear in the way he speaks. Vasquez’s rising trajectory has seen him go from playing everywhere from his home country of Mexico, to Hawaii, where he is shooting another video. Looking to follow in the footsteps of his label mates who are reinvigorating regional Mexican music for a new generation, he talked to us from the Aloha state about his style, work ethics and goals.

How was it to go from a songwriter to being your own artist?

It’s nice. It’s been hard work. I just get in the room and shut everything off. I write like 10 songs a day just to perfect my lyrics. It’s kind of hard to remember all the lyrics being a singer too, but I love what I do right now.

How would you describe your music?

The music I’m writing right now is in a category of something new. It’s something original that you’ve never heard before. It’s a little bit of urban with a mixture of regional Mexican music

Why did you choose to debut with your songs during Christmas time?

The reason why I wrote the Christmas songs is because a lot of people are accustomed to that time being something beautiful, but we don’t recognize it’s beautiful because of family. One needs to understand that it’s about family or the love from a loved one. There are kids waiting for gifts. The gift is not what comes in the box, but it’s the hands that give it to you. I wrote those songs because there’s people who don’t have those loved ones or family around and they feel left out. I tried to include them with these songs.

Who are some of your influences?

There’s a lot of people right now. In regional Mexican music, it’s Intocable. As a songwriter, it’s Residente, from Calle 13. He’s one of the best ones I’ve ever met. And [Mexican rapper] Gera MX. Those three are the ones who are really influencing me at the moment.

How was it working with T3R Elemento on “El De Las Dos Pistolas?”

To be honest, when I was barely starting…I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be with them. Then the magic came and I was working with them. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m working with my idols.’ They’re people I look up to. Right now people are looking up to them and I’m working with them. We made a hit song, so I was like, ‘That’s magic.’ I’m really happy right now. I’m living the life I dreamed of.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

My goals right now are to be original and to be recognized. I’m not here for the fame or the money, because I started without money and I don’t really care if I leave without money. I just want to accomplish my dreams of shutting people’s mouths who told me I couldn’t do it. I’m trying to work my ass off every day. I’m practicing every day. I’m trying to make this life like the best one I ever lived. I want to accomplish my dreams as a songwriter and to be an author of a book. I want to be an actor too. I want to do a lot of stuff. I’m going to do it because I know I can do it.

A lot of the popular Latin music right now is from Colombia and Puerto Rico. How do you feel to be representing Mexico? 

A lot of people have doubted the Mexican artists. A lot of people have been looking down on the Mexican artists. To be honest, back in the days a lot of people didn’t want to be on top, they didn’t want to be on point, didn’t want to be on social media. I think the youngest ones right now are changing the game. That’s why a lot of people are looking up to the regional Mexican artists. It’s a matter of time. One day you’re going to see the regional Mexican artists be [as big as] reggaeton and trap. It’s also a matter of good songwriters to put the work to an artist, so they can make music and magic. Mark my words. Someday it’s going to be like that and I’m going to be one of those.

When I think of corridos, I think of the music my dad used to hear. I think they’re making a comeback with this new generation of artists like yourself. What do you think about that?

People don’t like to change the style. They’re used to some style, and don’t really want new music. The new music that’s starting, people are judging it right now because they don’t like the changes, the innovation, or the evolution. We’re working on it to make new music. Sometimes we’re wrong and we make some wrong decisions with some of the lyrics. That’s the point of learning: to make mistakes and move on. You gotta be better.

Your new music video is for “Lo Tienes Todo.” Can you tell me more about that song?

That song is about a woman who doesn’t believe in herself. She doesn’t love herself. She’s on drugs and alcohol. Basically I made that song not just for the woman but for everybody who doesn’t believe in themselves or don’t love themselves. I just want to remind them that they do have everything.

I hear that you’re in Hawaii. What are you doing there?

Right now we’re working on a music video. We’re making the video for a song I wrote called “Tiempo.” It’s really beautiful. We put the traditions of Hawaii in there. We gotta be on-point with that.

I think it’s cool that you’ve gone from Mexico to making videos in Hawaii. You’re getting out there.

I’m getting there. Trust me. We’re gonna get there. If we believe in ourselves then that’s it.

What’s a message you want to give to your fans?

My message my fans is to never stop believing in themselves. If someone tells you that you can’t do it. Do it two times to shut them the fuck up. To never give up and I don’t care how many people tell you no. Just think ‘Yes’ and it’s going to be ‘Yes.