10 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Sueuga Kamau - "Ritmo Demoniaco"

Call me biased because it’s my homeland, but the Bay deserves more shine when it comes to club producers. Club Chai, Turbo Sonidero, and Honey Soundsystem are among the plethora of artists and collectives currently repping hard when it comes to the region’s nocturnal emissions. This Oakland production duo may just have next up, judging from this capable melange of digital bird squawk, dembow allusions, and a strangely measured, ominous string melody from their new two track EP. Check for upcoming collaborations with La Goony Chonga and La Favi if you’re feeling what Sueuga Kama is bringing to the table. –Caitlin Donohue


Sadfields - "Atrás"

Mexico City’s Sadfields roll back their cacophonous wall of feedback to let their feelings show. Minimalistic verses could create a deeper atmosphere if they were a little bit more sedated, but the slow-burning urgency works charmingly as a vehicle for the narrator’s inability to leave behind a broken relationship. This is a youthful sound for a universal sentiment. –Marcos Hassan


Riel - "Más Allá Del Mar"

We might not know why the combination of busy arpeggiated guitar chords and driving drum beats make for great outdoor music, but they do, and Buenos Aires duo Riel spell it out early on in their latest song. Although some Cure-meets-Sonic Youth guitar lines suggest melancholy, “Más Allá Del Mar” is more of a celebration than a lament, although the feeling veers more towards cautious celebration. –Marcos Hassan


Annapura - "Salvajes"

There’s no mistaking the full-on violence emanating from the drums, distortion, and vocals for anything other than extreme punk, but there’s something about the main riff of “Salvajes” that feels like a swinging party – proving that Mexico City’s Annapura pack more than just savage artistry into their headbanging affairs. Marcos Hassan


Trillones - "La Nueva Despedida"

Emerging from the somber introspection of his last album, Tal Vez Sí Existe, Mexicali-based producer Trillones is back with a luminous new single titled “La Nueva Despedida.” The track literally bids farewell to the darkness and embraces a joyful new sonic era, with Trillones taking on seldom heard vocal duties, atmospheric guitar riffs and a deliciously persistent cumbia scratch. –Richard Villegas


Maria y José - "El Pinche Brujo/La Fiebre Edit"

A perennial mystery of Mexico’s indie landscape, Tony Gallardo conjured his malevolent club alter ego La Fiebre to put a grimy perreo twist on DJ Chedraui’s ghostly banger “El Pinche Brujo.” The track’s thesis is simple: hit the club and get every substance under the black light in your system. But don’t take it all too seriously. More than a cautionary tale, “El Pinche Brujo” is a cheeky send up of excessive rave culture. –Richard Villegas


NOIA - "Ausencias"

Ethereal Spanish songstress NOIA has largely remained out of the spotlight since her pristine 2016 debut Habits, but that’s not to suggest she hasn’t been hard at work. Her new single “AUSENCIAS” is a restrained mélange of soaring vocals and bubbling asymmetrical percussion that unravels as a stunning study of heartbreak and loneliness. –Richard Villegas


Frikstailers - “Cosmic Address”

Today Frikstailers drop Extrasolar – their debut for Nacional Records – and they left us “Cosmic Address” to let us know where to find them. On the track, the Argentine duo turn up the arpeggiator to make a cumbia-inspired beat with chopped-up vocal snippets shooting up like a video game hero trying to beat the final boss. Who’s in for a game? –Cheky



Spanish-Taiwanese artist Chenta Tsai is on a mission to subvert racial and sexual stereotypes with his solo project PUTOCHINOMARICÓN, which injects technology with a dose of humanity in the process. “Doble Tic Azul” is a slick and squeaky electro-pop track where he perfectly boils down the frustration of involuntarily leaving one’s love interest on read. –Cheky


Patio Solar - “Club de Magia”

If you’re in need of good indie pop, you can always trust Chilean quintet Patio Solar. Their song “Club de Magia” was made to warm our insides with its instrumentation, but adds little drops of dissonance here and there to keep us on edge – especially with its ambiguous lyrics, which read like the work of someone who would do anything for love. –Cheky