Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Yukons - "Nueva"

Atlanta’s Latinx underground is thriving two years since the pioneering party La Choloteca blazed through, finally bringing reggaeton and salsa into mainstay clubs. Yukons belongs to this fresh wave, making their own statement of pride as one of few Latinx bands on the local garage, punk, and rock circuit. Rambunctious but punctuated, “Nueva,” premiering today, rings like ripping out that niche with their bare hands. –Jhoni Jackson


Reykon - "Mala"

Colombia’s Reykon El Lider shows off his signature bounce-and-bop reggaeton on “Mala,” which celebrates all the bad girls of the world. The track follows Reykon’s previously upbeat releases, like “El Chisme,” which recall the days when the genre was served up with a heavier side of pop instead of the moment’s current trap a la mode. –Julyssa Lopez


Maria Usbeck - "Bosque de Bambú"

At first chime, it seems Maria Usbeck is back with another dreamy soundscape that follows the whimsical charm of her 2016 album Amparo. But “Bosque de Bambú” unfolds into an electronic gem that shows another side of the former Selebrities frontwoman – it’s brisker, flashier and much more dance-driven than the twinkling songs that decorated her last project, and the lyrics detail a chipper love affair that adds a buoyant filter to the sprightly composition. –Julyssa Lopez


La Favi - "Me Camela" ft. Nerak and Rody The Voice

Bay Area artist La Favi oozes sensuality into pretty much everything she does, so it’s not surprising to see the vocalist breathe and coo her way through a track literally titled to mean “seduction” in gitano. The song gets its energy from Kid Favelas and Mitxhell de León, two Boricua-Dominican producers La Favi teamed up with to make her forthcoming EP. Between verses from Nerak and Rody The Voice, La Favi employs the lofty operatic notes that she stamps on her music like a branding tool. –Julyssa Lopez


Chris Jeday, Brytiago and Ozuna - "Bipolar"

On this batch of trap-tinged break-up balladry, Chris Jeday, Brytiago, and Ozuna let out their gripes over a fickle romance and a girl whose behavior they dub “bipolar” (take the title with a grain of salt). The well-worn crazy ex-girlfriend storyline is offset by the interplay between Ozuna’s well-deployed, sky-high vocals, Brytiago verses and sleek, stripped production from Jeday. –Julyssa Lopez

Hinds - "The Club"

Madrid’s resident garage girls refer to their latest song “The Club” as their “presentation card,” and for good reason: If, for some inexplicable reason, you’re just now jumping onto the Hinds bandwagon, the recent single is a fuzz-filled primer of the lazy, hazy ride you can expect from the quartet. The song shows off their love of distortion and staticky white noise, which somehow never weighs down their brighter, pop-minded melodies. –Julyssa Lopez


Javier Arce - "Onces"

Costa Rica’s Javier Arce puts his work with Cocofunka on hold to release “Onces,” and it pulls our spirit in different directions: to an easy, carefree place with its instrumentation, and to a dark, uncertain one with its lyrics. He’s trying to break free from the oppressive politics surrounding his country’s presidential elections one dance move at a time. –Cheky


The Parrots - "Soy Peor"

Madrid’s garage rock lifers The Parrots share a lot of hedonistic passions with Bad Bunny, so it kinda makes sense that they’d cover one of his biggest hits when you think about it. Instead of ripping into it punk-style, the band lets their guitar ride a surf beat that somehow makes El Conejo Malo’s flow work, resulting in something surprisingly charming. –Marcos Hassan


Trillones - "Tarde de Oro (ft. Carolina en Llamas)"

After mastering the art of balancing the ethereal sounds of shoegaze with the mechanical precision of techno, Mexicali’s Trillones sets out to reinvent trip-hop by employing breakbeats full of synthetic snaps, surreal electronics, and irresistible pop vocals. It’s exhilarating and nostalgic at the same time, the perfect soundtrack to watch a distorted sun setting in the distance. –Marcos Hassan


Chasing Nomads - "Speak"

Emo can evoke many things, but a funky groove is not usually one of them. In the hands of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Chasing Nomads, intricate guitar lines and confessional lyrics become soulful, adding another dimension to the drama. Yearning for a loved one never sounded so fun. –Marcos Hassan


Astrosuka - "Туман"

Buenos Aires crew TRRUENO put out this late-night track from member Astrosuka. Its title is the Russian word for fog, but don’t expect some misty reminisce — “Туман” is a crashing rage of a club song, perhaps what it sounds like when someone picks up your entire life, and shakes. –Caitlin Donohue


Holy Six - VulvaSónica mixtape

Emerging Mexico City publication Mi Hermosa Vagina aims to be a forum for female and genderqueer artists of all stripes, and their mixtape series offers a look at emerging DJs and producers from across Latin America. This edition features Peruvian beatmaker Holy Six, who turns in a slick-edged folkloric journey. –Caitlin Donohue


La Goony Chonga - "No Effort Remix"

La Goony Chonga may have delayed the release of her new album to focus on the baby growing in her belly, but don’t worry, fans, she’ll be back. “No Effort Remix” will go down as her pregnancy anthem, riffing on the ease at which she vanquishes the rap competition. The video features jewel-toned lowriders, her nail artist Krocaine, and Goony’s partner Rue Maneli kissing her ready-to-pop belly. –Caitlin Donohue


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