Bad Bunny has long been sporting bold manicures, but on Tuesday, the criticism he’s faced for rocking colorful nails reached a new peak. While on tour in Asturias, Spain, the Puerto Rican rapper says he was turned away from a salon that refused him service for being a man. El Conejo Malo recounted the incident on Twitter and Instagram. “What year is it? Fucking 1960? What do you call this?”

The post angered many fans, who made homophobic comments and continued to question the rapper’s sexuality (though by now, we should all know that gender expression and sexuality are distinct, and Bad Bunny is by no means the first male entertainer to paint his nails). Plenty of fans applauded Bad Bunny’s criticism of the business, but the rapper has since deleted his Twitter account after trolls and detractors swarmed his mentions.

Metro PR reports that the owner of the business attempted to clarify the incident in a radio interview. According to the local newspaper, La Mega host Fernán Vélez spoke to the owner of the beauty salon, who told the station that the business isn’t unisex and that it only serves women. Vélez claims the salon also directed Bad Bunny to another business where could get his nails done.

We’re keeping an eye on El Conejo Malo’s account and crossing our fingers so we can get more body positive tweets soon.