Cardi B’s addictive Ozuna collab “La Modelo” has been burning up our speakers since it dropped right before Christmas, and it seems like the Bardi Gang fully agrees it’s a hit. Last week, the Bronx rapper took to Instagram to thank fans for the positive response – in a tubi at her abuela’s house, no doubt.

After shouting out Ozuna and celebrating the collab’s performance on the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi joked that her next Spanish-language collab would be a remix of  “Vamos a Hablar Inglés,” the hit song by típico reina Fefita La Grande. “¡Ahora va ser una canción con Fefita!” she teased at the end of the clip.

But joke’s on us, because we all thought Cardi was just playing. Today, local Dominican newspaper Diario Libre reports that Fefita is 100 percent down to record a remix of “Vamos a Hablar Inglés.” According to Diario Libre, Fefita is very grateful for the hat tip from Cardi; apparently, La Mayimba is even an Almánzar family friend. “I know her so well that her father, Carlito Almánzar, and I are attached at the hip. I’ve even recorded merengues for him. I don’t know her that well because she grew up in the United States, but I’m super happy and grateful that she’d want to record ‘Vamo a hablar inglés’ with me…I’m sure we’ll do it. I saw the video she posted and I felt really good,” she said.

Apparently, Fefita keeps in regular contact with Cardi’s family; Diario Libre claims they live in Juan Gómez, Monte Cristi. “I haven’t had contact with her before, but I’m sure that in the next few days we’ll define that, and I’m in the best position to do it,” Fefita said.

This isn’t the first time Cardi turned up to “Vamos a Hablar Inglés” on Instagram; check this video from last fall for proof, and cross your fingers that we receive the earth-shattering típico-trap remix the world needs. In the meantime, read more about how Cardi’s Instagram is putting her non-Latino fans onto reggaeton and trap en español, and about how she’s evolving the future of Latino pop.

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