If you’re a faithful member of the Bardi Gang, chances are you remember how tectonic plates shifted last summer when reggaeton jefa Ivy Queen and Cardi B met for the first time. The pair were quick to geek out over each other; when they first met in June, Cardi wrote on Instagram, “This is my queen for real. An idol for me @ivyqueendiva. Her music was one of the first reggaeton songs I ever listened to.” Only a few weeks later, Ivy posted a video of herself on Instagram strutting and posing for the camera, set to “Bodak Yellow.” Cardi was quick to return the love, writing, “I just want to cry of happiness…She really my queen!”

Now Ivy Queen and Cardi stans have another reason to celebrate. On Saturday, a fan tweeted at Cardi with a suggestion: put a Bardi twist on the world’s greatest dance floor consent anthem “Quiero Bailar.”

Cardi responded to the request only a minute later. “That song is too Blassic…I like this idea and I love Ivy Queen,” she wrote on Twitter.

Since last summer, fans have long demanded a collaboration between the two reinas – and since Cardi tweeted about the potential link-up on Saturday, fans are feeling even more hype on a potential Ivy Queen-Cardi moment.


Only time will tell if the Bardi rework of “Quiero Bailar” comes to life, but keep your fingers crossed.