Many Texans are feeling disappointed in Tuesday’s midterm election results, which saw incumbent Ted Cruz defeat Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke in one of the country’s most hotly contested Senate races. The El Paso politician was one of the first legitimate Democratic candidates in Texas in a long time, fighting for a seat in Congress from a historically conservative state.

Like many other Texans, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, a member of the influential post-hardcore band At The Drive-In (and later The Mars Volta) was frustrated with O’Rourke’s loss. In the 90s, Cedric was O’Rourke’s bandmate in Foss, a DIY punk band with roots in El Paso. Bixler-Zavala had voiced his support for Beto throughout the candidate’s campaign, praising his grassroots approach to fundraising and his progressive policies.

After the results of the Texas race were announced on Tuesday, Cedric reacted to the news of O’Rourke’s loss on Twitter. In a poignant series of tweets, he wrote a message addressed to his former bandmate. “I don’t care if [you] lost. You made them tremble with the simple prospect of real change.” The musician voiced his respect and admiration for Beto’s campaign, and issued a call to Texans and progressives everywhere. “Keep filming. Keep challenging. Keep fighting. Keep accountability lit under their feet. Keep showing them your bullet scars. Keep showing them the cages. Keep reminding them they work for us. Keep reminding them that we are all part of the human condition.”

In August, Bixler-Zavala spoke to Remezcla about his experience touring with Beto in Foss. According to him, O’Rourke (and the rest of the band) made a significant impression on him. “I learned how to fuck shit up from them,” Bixler-Zavala said. “I truly believe Beto to be the answer. He really gives a fuck.”

Check out Cedric’s tweets below: