Cuco Used to Be a Scene Kid & More Highlights From His Nardwuar Interview

Lead Photo: Photo by David Rodriguez. Courtesy of Orienteer
Photo by David Rodriguez. Courtesy of Orienteer
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It was only a matter of time until Cuco scored an interview with Nardwuar, the Internet’s wackiest and most recognizable music nerd. The Chicano indie pop star has seen his career skyrocket in the last year, with the announcement of a seven-figure record deal and a collaboration with Chicano rap legends MC Magic and Lil Rob among his recent accomplishments. Omar Banos’ chat with Nardwuar is as revelatory as you’d expect, following in line with the Canadian personality’s trajectory of digging deep into artists’ pasts.

In the interview, Nardwuar quizzed Cuco on his early high school shows, old collaborators, and guitar teachers. He even pulled out a throwback photo of Cuco from his scene kid days, swoopy bangs and all. In the video, Banos admits he had a scene kid phase, where he dressed in all black and listened to bands like Pierce the Veil (same, tbh).

True to form, Nardwuar also gifted the Hawthorne, California artist with a handful of rare LPs, including a compilation of Latin American psych music and a 1995 7” of Selena’s “Techno Cumbia” – a dream for any record collector.

Watch the full interview below: