Did Farruko Address Bad Bunny’s Cellphone Incident to Preach About Fame?

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric Rojas.
Photo by Eric Rojas.
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Farruko has seemingly weighed on the backlash Bad Bunny is receiving for tossing a fan’s phone. Yesterday (Jan. 3), the Puerto Rican singer appeared to reflect on Benito’s viral incident to preach about the pitfalls of fame.

After the blockbuster success of his Un Verano Sin Ti album last year, Bad Bunny rubbed some people the wrong way with a video of a fan interaction in the Dominican Republic that went viral on Monday. In the video, Bad Bunny was confronted by a fan who got close to him while taking selfies or recording videos of herself walking with him. He then grabbed her phone and tossed it a few yards away. Bad Bunny said he tossed the fan’s phone because the woman showed a “lack of respect” toward him. 

In his Instagram stories, Farruko expressed his thoughts on the backlash following the news of Bad Bunny’s cellphone incident. “Now that I’m outside, I see fame doing its thing with my friends,” he wrote. “God take care of them. I will put them in my prayers. Some haters. Others are doing whatever it takes to stay famous. It’s crazy. We don’t realize where we are until you see it from the outside.”

In a second Instagram stories post, he took a moment to preach about the “spiritual and emotional” acceptance that artists need to have to understand that fame is a rollercoaster of ups and downs that often “f**cks them over.” Farruko added, “They are human beings too and we artists fall into this game believing that this acceptance is real and forever. That is why many [artists] end up with depression or taking their own life.”

Farruko and Bad Bunny have worked together multiple times in the past. They previously collaborated on the songs “La Cartera,” “Blockia,” and the “Krippy Kush” remix alongside Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj. After achieving global success with “Pepas” in 2021, Farruko revealed in Feb. od 2022 that he had a spiritual awakening. He said he would retire the song about drugs and partying from his concerts. He has since released bangers with religious tinges like “My Lova” and “Nazareno.”

Last month, Farruko released the music video for his song Cuervos.” Bad Bunny announced that he would be taking a break this year.