Do Danna Paola & Kenia Os Have a Collaboration on the Way?

Lead Photo: Photo by Alfredo Pérez Sánchez.
Photo by Alfredo Pérez Sánchez.
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Could Danna Paola and Kenia Os have something on the way? Danna revealed last week (Feb.11 ) that she was in talks about recording a song with Kenia.

The two Mexican pop stars have shown support for each other in the past few years. At events and concerts where they were both present, they have chatted and taken photos with each other. When Danna’s XT4S1S Tour hit Guadalajara on Feb. 11, Kenia went to the concert and hung out with her. During an Instagram Live, the “Sodio” singer revealed what went down during their recent meeting. “Yesterday Kenia was here in Guadalajara, I wanted her to come see my girl,” she said in Spanish.


Fans of both singers were commenting about the hopes of them collaborating soon. Danna also spoke about the prospect of them recording a song together. “We have talked about that,” she said. “It can happen at any moment. But it has to be something super hybrid between us. It would be very cool. Danna then jumped out of her seat when Kenia’s song “Llévatelo” started playing. She was happily dancing and singing along to the track.

Danna is currently on her XT4S1S Tour in Mexico. Dates in the U.S. are expected to be announced soon. She returned to music last year with the single “XT4S1S,” which she co-wrote and co-produced with her boyfriend, Alex Hoyer. 

Kenia will be kicking off the U.S. leg of the K23 Tour in the U.S. on Feb. 22. The first concert will take place in San Diego, CA. She has translated her success as an influencer into becoming one of Mexico’s biggest pop stars. “I believe as a content creator that’s the first level where I grew, where I first received the love and support, and now I’m at this second level, entering the singing world,” she told Remezcla last Aug. “I have a lot of dreams and a lot of things I want to do as Kenia Os, and for myself as a person. There are a lot of things I want to achieve. I’m enjoying the journey.”