The much-hyped Bad Bunny-Drake collab appears to be a real thing that exists in the world that we live in. During Red Bull Music Festival New York’s Bien Buena live stream on Wednesday, listeners were treated to new detials about the upcoming collab. Legendary reggaeton producer DJ Nelson, who is behind the influential collective The Noise, discovered industry titans Luny Tunes, and continues working with Latin trap and reggaeton artists to this day, leaked a surprise about the track in a conversation about the current wave of crossover collaborations.

Nelson let the bomb drop during the live stream, which also featured ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshall and Remezcla’s own music editor Isabelia Herrera. “I just heard a track from Bad Bunny and Drake, and Drake is singing in Spanish. It’s happening.”

The revelation marks another milestone in the current series of hip-hop-reggaeton mega-crossovers, exemplified by songs like Cardi B and Ozuna’s “La Modelo” or Bad Bunny, Future, and Anuel AA’s appearances on Spiff TV’s “Thinkin.” And if Nelson says that reggaeton is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, we’d do well to listen.

This could be the first all-Spanish verse delivered by Drake, though those who remember his Romeo Santos collab “Odio” will know he’s no stranger to tracks en español. (Or to dancing like a Dominican uncle, per the infamous “Hotline Bling” clip).

No news on when the collaboration will drop, but keep your eyes peeled for more info soon.