Feid Picks His Favorite Spots to Eat, Shop & Party in Medellin

Lead Photo: Photo by Sebastian Sanchez.
Photo by Sebastian Sanchez.
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La Solar Festival is finally back in Medellín for its 2022 edition. We have already marked our calendars for Feb. 19 to get down with such eclectic talents like Rauw Alejandro, Tainy, Paul Van Dyk, Zhu, The Martinez Brothers, Mariah Angeliq, and Dylan Fuentes. Since a lot of perreo fans will be making the trip, we thought of asking a local for the perfect places to eat, shop, and party. And what better person than superstar singer and La Solar headliner Feid to fill this position?

Having dropped his latest album Inter Shibuya — La Mafia in 2021, Feid has kept busy, but he was kind enough to provide us with a list of the best spots for you to have an unforgettable time in Medellin when in town for La Solar Festival. 

Where does Feid usually go to eat?

Normally I don’t go to any place for breakfast, I prefer my mom’s arepa and huevito. But if you there is a place called El Tejadito and they have jam and cheese pastelitos. You can have them with coffee, milo, or soda. They bake everything the same day in the morning. I love that place. 

For lunch, there is a place in Envigado, near Medellín, and it’s called Donde Miri, a super humble place, like a garage with chairs and tables. They have the best bandeja paisa that you can try, and the fries… Bro! The fries are sick! It’s not like McDonald’s fries, it’s real fries. It’s like they are sweating oil; they are perfect. 

And for the munchies, I’m going to say Los Perritos de San Diego. It’s a hot dog place that’s outside a strip club in Medellín. You don’t have to get into the strip club, but the hot dogs, bro! They are super small so you can eat like five hot dogs and they are like 1,000 or 1,500 pesos (25 to 40 U.S. cents). That’s the perfect way to end the night, you know? If you are drunk or not, you just want to eat something [like that]. 

Where does Feid go shopping?

We can start with Nike [because] it’s going to solve your problems. You can go to pick some Air Forces, shorts, hoodies, or anything. I always go to Nike in every city in the world. Then there’s Palm Era Mia, it’s a special brand because I know those guys from 10 years back. I saw them grow and build their brand. I’m always wearing their hats, shorts, hoodies, etc. I love them. And then there’s Solo Vintage, which is three brothers and one of them loves digging for vintage clothes. They always have cool jackets, hats, and shirts. 

Where does Feid go partying?

Flamante — I love that place because they have good food and they have good music. [It’s great] to maybe start the night or maybe end the night [there], I’ve done both. Then Perro Negro, that’s my place. That’s like my home’s living room. The music is so loud and the people are so nice. They always play my songs and it’s definitely a place to end your night. I love all the crew of Perro Negro. Finally, I’ll say Bolivar [because] it holds a lot of memories for me. I started playing live shows there. They just moved their location to where Salon Amador [used to be]. I went there in December and had a super cool time. It’s a little bit smaller than the other ones but it’s perfect because [they play] reggaeton. Those three are the best places to go to parchar en Medallo.