WATCH: Jay Wheeler, El Alfa & DJ Nelson Release Party Anthem ‘No Confió’

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Summer isn’t over yet! Jay Wheeler released today (Aug. 19) his newest albumEmociones, along with a hype new music video for the party anthem dembow “No Confió” featuring El Alfa and DJ Nelson. 

The Webster-directed music video starts with Jay Wheeler singing emotionally to the camera until El Alfa interrupts his somber mood with a house party. The video follows a full-day party soundtracked by El Alfa’s signature repetitive chorus that’ll have you dancing in no time. With lyrics like: “Cabrón, qué pasó / Estoy borracho, igual que yo,” it’s hard not to join in the perreo.

The internet is thrilled about the collaboration. A Youtube user Jeilyn Martinez wrote: “I’ve already blown my car’s speakers from playing this as loud as possible. BRUTALLLLLLL, as always, you don’t let us down.”

Another Youtube user commented how Jay Wheeler is experimenting with other genres. “I have to tell the truth; this track was very good to see Jay in another rhythm was very different. The change from pop to dembow. Very nice,” they wrote. 

Based on the fan’s reactions, it appears that “No Confió” isn’t the only hit off the new album. A Twitter user wrote: “Jay Wheeler kinda snapped on this album. It’s #10 for me.” 

“All my productions are important to me because in all of them, I have created and learned, but Emociones is next level. I’ve put all my love and my respect for my audience in this record,” the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter said about the album in a written press statement. “I’ve been fully committed for the last few months, experiencing new facets of myself not just as a singer but also as a producer and songwriter. I dedicate this record to my fans with all my love, and I can’t wait to see them enjoying it.”

Watch the music video for “No Confió” featuring El Alfa and DJ Nelson below.