It’s Friday, which means it’s the perfect time for the Juanga rumor mill to spew some wild nonsense. The Latinternet is losing its shit after Juan Gabriel‘s ex-manager Joaquín Muñoz spoke to Televisa’s Intrusos program and alleged that El Divo de Juárez is alive and well.

“He faked his death…He’s at home; he’s well, comfortable and everything,” Muñoz told reporters earlier this week. “Next month everyone will know. He’s preparing everything so that after the 15th [of December] he can appear in public. He’s bored with the way [his life] is; the situation he’s living in is a horrible situation that I don’t wish upon anyone,” he continued.

Muñoz went on to say that he last visited Juanga on July 8. He claims the Mexican music icon is currently being treated for a foot infection induced by his diabetes. “On July 8, I was with him. Now he’s ill because he’s diabetic. He was clipping his toenails and he pricked himself. He has pus and his foot is very inflamed.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Muñoz has spread rumors that Juanga is alive. According to Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, Muñoz participated in a press conference for his book Juan Gabriel y yo después de la muerte in March. During the book tour, he told the media that Juanga was still alive.

Whatever you say Muñoz. We’ll be waiting until December 15 to see if he’s telling the truth or striving for attention. Regardless, several Spanish-language media outlets have picked up the story, and Twitter has weighed in on Muñoz’s comments.

The video of the original interview has been removed from YouTube, but you can listen to the audio of his allegations here.