Maná & Alejandro Fernández Are Supporting Northern California Flood Relief Efforts – Here’s How

Lead Photo: Photo by Caro de Luna.
Photo by Caro de Luna.
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Two of Mexico’s biggest acts are teaming up with Live Nation for a good cause. Today (Mar. 14), Alejandro Fernández and Maná announced that they will be donating proceeds from their concerts to a relief fund for those affected by the recent Northern California floods.

Due to heavy rain storms in Northern California, the Pajaro Valley area has experienced catastrophic flooding. Images have gone viral of the Pajaro River overflowing into nearby towns. Fernández and Maná have joined forces with Live Nation to help the people who have been evacuated due to the floods. 

“It means so much to the families of Pajaro to have the support of Alejandro Fernández and Maná, artists whose music they enjoy in their everyday lives,” said Luis Alejo, Chair of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, in a statement. “The community is hurting right now as a result of these devastating floods and the damage is extensive. Through these efforts, Pajaro and its residents will rise after the flood waters recede.”

Fernández and Maná will be donating a portion of proceeds from their upcoming Bay Area concerts to the Community Bridges organization, which will provide relief to evacuees from the Pajaro Valley area. Maná will be performing this weekend at the SAP Center in San Jose on Mar. 17 and the Oakland Arena the following day. Fernández’s Amor y Patria Tour will visit the SAP Center on Sept. 9.

“At the heart of Maná is the belief that our music can be a vehicle for social good,” said the group’s lead singer Fher Olvera. “When we heard about the devastating storms and saw our people in Pajaro suffering, we knew we had to help. We encourage our fans to help in any way they can.”

Maná and Fernández are also encouraging their fans to donate to Community Bridges via the organization’s website. “My heart breaks thinking of the people of Pajaro who are displaced by these storms,” Fernández added. “I’m honored that my music and concerts can be a catalyst to bring comfort and aid to this hard working Latino community and I hope others will join us in helping too.”