Natanael Cano’s New Album ‘Nata Montana’ to Feature Peso Pluma & Junior H

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
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Natanael Cano is getting ready to release his next album. Today (June 14), the Mexican superstar announced the release date and the tracklist for his upcoming LP Nata Montana.

Cano is a pioneer in the corridos tumbados movement. Since 2018, he has pushed for the emerging genre despite the pushback at first from the larger regional Mexican music scene. “A lot of people were saying that we’re going to ruin music, but on the contrary, people are looking up our stuff, and new things are coming from it,” Cano told Remezcla a year later at Premios De La Radio. He has since scored multiple hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, including “AMG” featuring Gabito Ballesteros and Peso Pluma.

Cano is now gearing up to release his first album since the global explosion of corridos tumbados this year. Nata Montana will be released on June 30. The LP’s title is a reference to Al Pacino’s character in the 1983 movie Scarface. The album art shows Cano reenacting the scene from the movie where Scarface sees a blimp with the message: “The World Is Yours…”

Cano’s new album will include “AMG” and his recent single “Pacas De Billetes.” He will regroup with Peso Pluma for the new song “Pancake.” Cano will also join forces with his Rancho Humilde labelmate Junior H for “Eres.” Gabito Ballesteros will feature in the song “Cuerno Azulado.” Rising corridos star Chino Pacas will join Cano for “En Corto.” Tito Torbellino Jr, Hernan Trejo, Amilkar, and Dan Sanchez will also feature on the album. 

Cano’s album will arrive a week after Peso Pluma’s Genesis LP. On that project, Cano will feature on the new song “Carnal.” Last month, he made his acting debut in the Max series VGLY. Cano played the character named Lil Vato.