WATCH: Nicki Nicole Shows Off New Alter-Ego in “Frío”

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Following “Nobody Like Yo,” the Argentinean artist Nicki Nicole released her newest single, “Frío,” on Nov. 23. This is the latest offering from her upcoming album – a project anticipated to explore an entirely new side of her artistry.

“It’s a song that I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Nicki tells Remezcla about the song’s genre. “I personally love reggaeton. I’m a huge fan, and being able to do a reggaeton [song] by myself was a big step for me.” She mentions that she’s experimented with this genre before, but with co-signs like Rauw Alejandro and Mora. This time, she’s in the spotlight alone.

When asked what inspired her to drop her first solo reggaeton single, she mentioned the hard-working women currently rompiendo the music industry. Though she was nervous about releasing it at first, she’s happy to see its praise and positive reception.

The Lucas Vignale-directed music video shows her in a completely new light – both in her look and her sound. Nicki presents an edgy blonde alter-ego and delivers a synth-driven reggaeton-inspired sound. As far as the lyrics go, she talks about a heartbreak that makes her cold-hearted. Toward the song’s end, she slows down the beat and shows off her sensual moves. 

For Nicki, this is one of the best videos she’s ever shot. She tells us: “Es una locura… We wanted to show the futuristic [side] of everything that’s coming in the new music. The next album is something very futuristic – and ‘Frío’ kind of plays off everything that’s coming.”

When asked about her upcoming album, she mentions that “Frio” helps preview a new phase. “[It’s a new] side of me: more futuristic, more confident, more alone, more planted, more secure.” 

Though “Frio” may be categorized as a reggaeton track, she revealed to us that her new album will have more of a dancehall vibe.

Watch Nicki Nicole’s new music video for “Frío” below.