WATCH: Nicki Nicole & Rels B Share the Dancefloor on “qué le pasa conmigo?” Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Loli Laboureau.
Photo by Loli Laboureau.
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On April 19, Nicki Nicole released her newest collaboration, “qué le pasa conmigo?”, alongside Spanish rapper Rels B. The new track is part of her upcoming album ALMA.

“When Rels B and I recorded ‘que le pasa conmigo?’ we realized it was a hit,” the Argentinian artist said in a press statement. “We have been messaging each other a lot, waiting for this moment so that everyone can listen to it. It’s the second song of my next album ALMA and it makes me happy, sincerely, I’m very happy. I hope you like it as much as we do.”

The music video starts with Nicki singing at a club. The two artists take turns to entice one another from the stage to the audience. In another frame, the duo is finally singing and dancing with each other under blue-hued lights. An additional shot shows Nicki riding in the back of a motorcycle with the Spanish artist. 

In a previous interview, Nicki mentioned that her upcoming album is “very futuristic” and that it will have a more dancehall vibe–which we hear hints of on “qué le pasa conmigo?” She told Remezcla: “[It’s a new] side of me: more futuristic, more confident, more alone, more planted, more secure.” 

In addition to her upcoming musical project, Nicki is currently serving as the only female judge on Netflix’s La Firma, alongside Rauw Alejandro, Tainy, Yandel, and Lex Borrero. The new competition show aims to find the next Latine superstar.

On the other hand, Rels B is preparing for his upcoming performance at the Foro Sol in Mexico City on May 6. The upcoming date is his biggest-ever in Mexico and what he calls the most important [show] date of his life. “It’s the end of a tour that I will never ever forget and I [will] bring the best fokin show ever seen in this Foro Sol, 100 percent guaranteed, I LOVE YOU,”  he wrote online.

Watch the official music video for “qué le pasa conmigo?” below.