Listen to the Year’s Best Emerging Latino Artists on the Final Nuevo Noise Playlist of 2017

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Spotify
Courtesy of Spotify
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The turn of the last calendar page in 2017 finds us once again in a pitched cultural moment, from widespread sexual assault whistleblowing to serpentine twists of investigations into the Trump camp’s Russian dalliances. But (knock on wood) it doesn’t seem like we’ll be ending on quite the garbage fire that erupted in the last months of 2016. Can we agree that we’ve all resisted hard and deserve a moment of self-care? In December, it seems prudent to start an exercise program, take deep breaths, and set goals for 2018, when the forces of good are finally slated to conquer.

Accordingly, this edition of our Nuevo Noise Spotify playlist is apt background music for this re-energizing regimen. Plus, it’s a moment to celebrate our favorite emerging Latino artists of the year. The playlist is a compilation of our favorite tracks from all the Nuevo Noise editions we released in 2017, centered on new artists who are starting to make waves.

Check Brazilian singer and producer Mahmundi’s “Azul,” a song about heartache in a city by the sea, with updated R&B keyboards that convey a certain amount of calm hope. An indie number by Tijuana’s Vaya Futuro, the coos of electro duo Salt Cathedral, and the tainofuturismo of Adriel combine for productive cranial stretching.

We also included moments with artists who helped make this year a evolutionary milestone for Latinx musicmakers; A. CHAL and his sexy-toxic musings, Tei Shi and her synthy stories of resilience, the flamenco-trained La Favi’s strong voice set to gothic reggaeton love songs by Peruvian producer Deltatron. Norwegian Afro-Brazilian chanteuse Charlotte Dos Santos puts in a plea via “Move On,” excellent advice for those who need to prep for life’s next battles.

2018 is going to be all about building on this year’s momentum towards change and real representation of voices from across the diaspora. Here’s hoping this lineup of up-and-comers makes prepping for future success ring all the more real.

Stream 2017’s final edition of Nuevo Noise via Spotify below.