Omar Apollo, Maye, & LATENIGHTJIGGY Team Up For Must-Listen Playlist

Lead Photo: Photo by Aidan Cullen. Courtesy of Guerrera PR
Photo by Aidan Cullen. Courtesy of Guerrera PR
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Do you ever wonder what influences your favorite emerging artists? Well, Spotify’s Mixto playlist just gave us supporting visuals that dive deeper into the musical minds of Mexican-American indie alternative artist Omar Apollo, Venezuelan-American indie-pop artist Maye, and Trinidadian-American rapper LATENIGHTJIGGY. The streaming service’s newest promo video celebrates an extensive playlist that provides a diverse range, resonating with our ever-evolving music tastes as multicultural Latines from different backgrounds.

“Always take chances. I just noticed how important it was to bring my identity into my music, which is Spanglish — and it’s a good vibe,” Omar Apollo says in the new video.

Omar Apollo, Maye, & LATENIGHTJIGGY will each get an opportunity to be on the cover of the genre-bending, eclectic 100-track playlist in the coming weeks. This newer project from Spotify serves as a destination on the platform to discover emerging talent or new sounds in and adjacent to the Latine space. You can find some of your favorite Latine artists within the playlist, such as Kali UchisYENDRYBad Bunny, and Los Retros. Some non-Latine artists featured include SZA, Solange, Lana Del Rey, and Labrinth, to name a few.

“Mixto… it’s a concept where you don’t have boundaries,” says Maye in the video. “Everything goes. Be whatever you want to be. No exceptions.”

Mixto is a playlist that features a blend of different artists, genres, and languages from any genre that shares Latine origins. The mission of this diverse playlist is to reflect the artist’s personal taste of music without it being tied to any label. Furthermore, it’s to celebrate the multi-cultures of the Latine community. It gives listeners a unique insight into some newer talent while also celebrating some more-known names across different communities. 

“When you’re tapped in with other cultures, you feel it. The goal is to mix them. I’m bridging the gap,” LATENIGHTJIGGY explains in the video.

No matter your background or musical preferences, this playlist is one to listen to. Check out the playlist below.