When The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon announced it’d be filming a special episode set in Puerto Rico, the news that José Feliciano and Ozuna would be performing a rendition of “En Mi Viejo San Juan” raised eyebrows. With so many industry-engineered collaborations happening these days, it’s easy to feel cynical, especially as classic pop artists hope to hop on the wave of reggaeton’s mainstream transformation. The pairing of a reggaeton titan and the Puerto Rican icon was unexpected, to say the least – who could have imagined a música urbana star teaming up with Feliciano 20 years ago, when the movement was still a much-maligned genre?

But surprisingly, Ozuna and the 73-year-old singer executed a flawless rendition of “En Mi Viejo San Juan” on The Tonight Show. Feliciano and Ozuna’s vocals add a saccharine and nostalgic touch to the Noel Estrada song, and their rendition showcases the reggaetonero’s vocal range and ability to dexterously slide between genres, from trap to bachata to baladas. You go, Ozuna.

Watch the performance below: