PREMIERE: Adriel Favela Goes Mariachi in “En Este Amor” Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Jackie Gallardo.
Photo by Jackie Gallardo.
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Adriel Favela helped lead the way for young artists reshaping regional Mexican music for the new generation. The Mexican-American singer is now putting his own spin on mariachi music with the music video for “En Este Amor,” premiering today on Remezcla. Favela also talked about the new direction of his upcoming EP and what’s next.

Favela first broke out in 2018 with his trap-infused corrido “La Escuela No Me Gustó” featuring Javier Rosas. Just as he was paving the way for the new wave of regional Mexican music artists, he remained quiet for a few years while looking for a new record label. In Aug. 2021, Favela signed with Fonovisa Records, which is owned by Universal Music Latino. Since then, Favela has shown his versatility within regional Mexican music while pushing the genre to new places.


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“I think it’s the reflection of so many years working,” Favela tells Remezcla. “Definitely learning from the bad experiences that made me what I am today. We say ‘the new wave,’ but I definitely think that’s what it is, the reflection of so many years of learning, the falls, the ups, the downs, and not giving in to people.”

In his new single “En Este Amor,” Favela takes on mariachi music for the first time. In the emotional ballad, he sings his heart out about a one-way street relationship. While Favela is giving his all to keep the love alive, his partner is sadly not putting in any work. He channels that frustration into one of his most vulnerable releases while showing another side to his artistry. The music video for Favela’s beautifully heartbreaking anthem was shot in a desert in Sonora, Mexico.

“I grew up in the state of Sonora, Mexico, where perhaps mariachi music is not as strong, but the programs that I watched featured figures like Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Vicente Fernández, Juan Gabriel, among other icons,” Favela explains. 

En “Este Amor” is the first taste of Favela’s upcoming EP that will explore more mariachi music. As he continues to grow up, he wants his music and sound to mature with him as well. “[The EP] will take you on a journey through time to the depths of my heart as well,” he says. “In one way or another, perhaps people will get to know an Adriel that’s completely different from what they were used to. It is also a step towards a musical maturity that I would like to explore as I continue forward with my career.”

Since restarting his music career with Fonovisa, Favela’s music has reached new heights. Last year, Mexican-American singer Cuco featured Favela on his song “Sitting In The Corner” with Kacey Musgraves. Favela wants to keep regional Mexican fresh with his alternative edge. 


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“I want to approach my audience in a different way,” Favel says. “I want to open up to them in a different way. I want my songs to be more of an experience. A lot of good vibes, getting to know new places, and making a lot of content. I think that’s what people can expect from me this year.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of “En Este Amor” below.