PREMIERE: Adriel Favela Hits the Bar in “Buscando El Olvido” Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Alberto Newton.
Photo by Alberto Newton.
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Adriel Favela is putting his own spin on mariachi music. The Mexican-American singer is exclusively premiering the music video for his new single “Buscando El Olvido” on Remezcla today (April 27). Favela also opened up to us about his upcoming EP.

In 2018, Favela first broke out with the corrido tumbado “La Escuela No Me Gustó” featuring Javier Rosas. In Aug. 2021, Favela switched labels and signed with Fonovisa Records, which is owned by Universal Music Latino. He has since taken regional Mexican music to new places by collaborating with artists like Cuco and Kacey Musgraves on “Sitting In The Corner.” 

With the waves that regional Mexican music has been making lately, Favela is excited to see how the genre has become global. “We’re all breaking down barriers, uniting with different genres and artists in a positive way,” Favela tells Remezcla. “That’s going to help us keep growing. I feel very proud to be a part of this beautiful chapter for all of us at this moment.”

In February, Favela first started experimenting with the mariachi genre in “En Este Amor.” He is continuing to experiment with this sound in his next single, “Buscando El Olvido.” In the heartbreaking song, Favela sings about drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Backed by a full mariachi band, he wears his heart on his sleeve in an emotional performance.

“It’s a song that I love,” Favela says. “It has a beautiful vibe. It’s the most fun song on this EP. It has a lot of my own essence in this genre that you’re listening to.”

In the “Buscando El Olvido” video, Favela visits the bar with the mariachi band. He parties with the guys to forget his troubles. Something else unique about the song is the country music element. Favela intentionally created it to reflect his bicultural roots.

“It has a touch of country music,” he says. “I believe it’s a fun fusion. All the songs on the EP are distinguishable from one another.”

Favela’s Solo Muere Si Se Olvida will be released on Friday, April 28. The six-song EP will include “En Este Amor” and “Buscando El Olvido.” Favela is continuing to push mariachi music forward with the interesting collaborations on the EP. Mexican alternative singer Kurt will feature on the song “Solo Muere Si Se Olvida.” Moreover, Flamenco duo Ismael de la Rosa y Yerai will join Favela for “Mi Condena.”

“They’re people with impressive talent,” Favela says about the collaborations. “I admire them a lot. I respect them. More than on a personal level, it’s the way they shine on these songs and their vibes. That’s what makes this EP special. It makes me happy that apart from collaborating, I have a friendship with them for life.”

With regional Mexican music going global, the sky’s the limit for Favela. The future looks bright for him with this new EP on the horizon. 

“I want to achieve a lot of things,” he says. “In addition to returning to my roots in an honest way, to show Mexico with all its folklore is my No. 1 priority. It makes me very happy to be able to share music all over the world.” 

Check out the music video premiere for “Buscando El Olvido” below.