PREMIERE: Aron Luix Teams Up With CNCO in ‘Tu Me Elevas’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of WK Records.
Courtesy of WK Records.
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CNCO is bowing out soon, but before then, the guys are sharing the spotlight with a rising star. Dominican-American singer Aron Luix teamed up with the Latine boy band for his “Tu Me Elevas” music video, premiering exclusively today on Remezcla. In an interview, Luix talked about his new single, getting support from CNCO, and opening up for the group’s last tour. 

In 2020, Luix made his debut with WK Records and his single “Inocente,” blending reggaeton with elements of R&B music. The song was co-written by Maluma, who also mentored Luix. Another of his hits include “Tiembla” with Lirico En La Casa, which dabbled in dembow. There’s no limit to Luix’s style of Latine pop.

“I want people to know that my music is a blend of different genres, and each song tells a story that is unique to me,” Luix tells Remezcla.

Luix’s new single “Tu Me Elevas” marks a full-circle moment in his life. At 18 years old, his first performance took place at Six Flag Magic Mountain, where he opened up for CNCO. Since then, Luix has stayed in touch with the guys. 

“The inspiration for ‘Tu Me Elevas’ was born on a rooftop in Arizona after a show I had with the guys,” Luix says. “I told Richard [Camacho] I wanted to collaborate, but I didn’t have a song yet. Luckily, I ended up at a writing camp that week with a friend who played me a track that hit me hard. I wrote my part and sent it to Richard, and he responded with his vocals within a few hours. The rest is history!”

“Tu Me Elevas” is a sultry Latine pop banger. In the alluring track, Luix and the guys of CNCO sing their praises for women who have them feeling head-over-heels in love. In the colorful music video, Luix meets up with the group at an arcade. Each guy is shown on a dreamy date with their on-screen love interests. 

“It was an absolute blast!” Luix says about shooting the music video with CNCO. “The whole thing had such a fun vibe to it, and we really enjoyed ourselves filming in the arcade. It was great to just let loose and have fun, and I think that energy really comes through in the final product.”

Luix will be joining CNCO on the road, serving as an opening act on the Última Cita Tour. The U.S. leg of the tour kicks off on Jun. 1 in San Jose, CA. The tour will visit major cities like L.A., San Diego, Dallas, New York, Boston, and Miami. Luix is excited to help CNCO close a chapter in their career while turning a new page in his.

I feel honored to be opening for CNCO on their Última Cita Tour!” Luix says. “It’s an incredible opportunity to share my music with new fans and to learn from such an amazing group of musicians.”

Check out the premiere of “Tu Me Elevas” below.