Raphy Pina Fires Back at Don Omar’s Claims About Daddy Yankee

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla.
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla.
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Raphy Pina is speaking out about the accusations Don Omar recently made regarding Daddy Yankee and how he was to blame for their canceled Kingdom Tour in 2016. Yesterday (Oct. 17), Pina uploaded a video from inside a jail cell where he is telling his side of the story.

Two weeks ago, Don Omar did an hour-long interview with El Chombo where he opened up about his failed joint tour with Daddy Yankee. Don Omar claimed that Daddy Yankee disagreed with how he was organizing their tour, and said he would be vocal about it during their meetings. He also called Pina a “big mouth” in Spanish during the interview. “I got up from my chair and left. Left behind everyone in the meeting because I’m not an employee of [Daddy Yankee],” Don Omar said. 

The “Salió el Sol” singer added that the final straw for him happened before their concert in Las Vegas, NV. He claimed that after Daddy Yankee finished his set, his team left the console and wiring all disconnected backstage. Don Omar’s team spent 20 minutes trying to fix the wiring situation in the dark, so he decided not to perform. “Since I’m not an employee of anyone, I left. I was in my hotel room writing an email to Mr. Rafael Pina so that he would never talk to me about this again,” Don Omar said.

Last night, Pina teased his response in an Instagram post. He claimed that Don Omar was now talking about the failed tour because Daddy Yankee was getting ready to retire, and Pina wouldn’t be able to speak up for them while in prison. In May, Pina was found guilty on two charges of illegal possession of firearms. He was sentenced to three years in prison. 

“Of all your accusations, the only one I accept is that of being a big mouth. I knew what your modus operandi was in your head. You were going to wait for the perfect moment to maliciously distract from the resounding and dignified success that surrounds Daddy Yankee in his retirement. And now that his accomplice is behind bars, he wouldn’t be able to speak or defend himself against the fanciful accusations that you have just put out there,” Pina wrote.

On the Pina Records YouTube channel, Pina released a 30-minute long video where he talks about his side of The Kingdom Tour. The video is titled “Raphy Pina Refutes Don Omar with Proof.” In the video, Pina is speaking from inside a jail cell. He claims that Don Omar only has himself to blame for the tour’s demise.

“You [Don Omar] did not rehearse your show,” Pina said. “I saw people sitting down. You did not prepare yourself as the other guy [Daddy Yankee] had presented himself.” 

Throughout the video, Pina shows alleged emails between him and Omar to back up his claims. He also talked about how a Viña del Mar performance marked the end of his working relationship with Omar. 

Check out Raphy Pina’s video response below.