Residente wants to be an influencer. At least that’s what he jokingly claims in a recent video.

The former Calle 13 rapper took to his Instagram to delivery a searing critique of the music industry and its reliance on influencer culture. Never one to shy away from controversy, he even delivered what could be a jab at Ozuna.

He began the video by saying he was sent to create web content, but that due to his non-stylish way of dressing, he wouldn’t be able to model clothing like “other rappers.” He then seemed to make an indirect allusion to Ozuna’s #LaDuchaChallenge by saying he could jump in the shower and film himself singing, but that it seems “stupid” to him, and he’d be too embarassed to do so anyway.

Instead, he suggested that his fans and haters alike message him with potential topics on which he could speak weekly, saying “We’ll turn into what the music industry wants us to turn into: influencers,” before turning the camera to show other people in the room asleep from boredom.

Do you think he has a point?