6 Times Bad Bunny & Residente Were BFF Goals

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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It’s not often someone grows up idolizing a musical star, only to become a star in their own right, while befriending said childhood idol. But that’s exactly what happened with Bad Bunny and Residente – who Benito has often cited as a major influence on him. From their first fateful New Year’s Eve meeting, to their middle-of-the-night social justice outings, we’ve attentively watched their bromance blossom into an impactful friendship. Here are some of our favorite BFF moments the pair have broadcast on the world.


They Spent Thanksgiving Together

Nothing works up an appetite like performing at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So after Conejo Malo delivered a great performance (despite the obviously way too cold weather he wasn’t used to), he and Residente decided to share their Thanksgiving fete with the world.


They Got Drunk On NYE & Discussed Trap

It’s only fitting that the pair would spend holidays (like Thanksgiving) together, considering they met on New Year’s Eve. It’s even more fitting that the poster boy for Latin trap would get the former Calle 13 frontman drunk on their first meeting, and try to convince him to record a trap anthem.


He Called Bad Bunny His Son

Last Friday, Residente posted a shot of himself, Benito, and producer Trooko in which he called Bad Bunny his eldest son. The caption (which he posted both in English and in Spanish) read: “Here with my oldest son and Trooko in the back. What we have here is a Puerto Rican mofongo.”


They Were Spotted Filming a Music Video

Perhaps Resident’s post with Bad Bunny and producer Trooko had something to do with the music video the BFFs were recently spotted filming in San Juan? Whatever song they’re filming a video for, the two couldn’t look happier.


They Pulled Up on the Governor's Mansion Together

Who could forget one of the duo’s most-noticed outings? In January, the two filmed themselves on Instagram live as they walked down the street of San Juan, hoping to get an audience with Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló. As they walked to La Fortaleza, as the mansion is called, fans and well-wishers could be heard cheering them on. Finally, after quite a while spent trying to convince security guards to let them in, they were allowed in for a meeting at 2:30 a.m.

Aside from the Instagram live, Residente captured the moment with this post:


They Spent Another New Year's Eve Together

After meeting on the previous New Year’s Eve, and subsequently fostering an enviable friendship, the two did what any other BFFs would do: They spent their next New Year’s Eve together partying. Check out this photo that perfectly sums up their friendship: