Sech Answers the Call for Perreo in 2021 In His ‘911’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Moises A. Morales. Courtesy of Acoustyle Communication
Photo by Moises A. Morales. Courtesy of Acoustyle Communication
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With Bad Bunny taking a break from perreo on his last album, the call for perreo in 2021 is more urgent than ever. Enter Sech, who is heeding the call for perreo with his new single “911.” The Panamanian singer-songwriter dropped the explosive, accompanying music video today (Feb. 5).

Since breaking through with the global hit “Otro Trago” in 2019, Sech’s star continues to rise. He secured another smash in 2020 with “Relación.” The song was already doing numbers with Sech alone, but the remix with Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Rosalía and Farruko took it to the next level. Sech is bringing the heat into 2021 with “911.”

R&B and perreo collide on this scorching kiss-off anthem. Sech wrote “911” with his longtime producers Dimelo Flow and Cerebro, who produced his J Balvin collaboration “La Luz.” The song starts off with Sech serving those soulful vocals that he’s known for before the reggaeton beat hits. He goes off on an ex that left him, saying that he’s doing better without her now. There’s no love lost as Sech tells her to call “911” if she’s hurt by his words.

In the music video for “911,” Sech is working at an emergency response center. While on a break, he meets up with Nicky Jam, who appears as a convenience store worker. In his off time, Sech sets an ambulance on fire in a big explosion. Later on, he playfully pulls the plug on his ex. Sech is definitely out of the running for employee of the month. Watch the drama unfold below: