Tokischa Launches Her Own Record Label – Here’s What It Means

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
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Tokischa is using her platform to support the next generation of artists. Today (May 23), the Dominican superstar announced she launched her own record label in a new partnership with Warner Music Latina.

In the past few years, Tokischa has solidified herself as one of the biggest artists to emerge from the Dominican Republic, helping to globalize dembow music. Both Rosalía and Madonna tapped into the Dominican genre with her in their hits “Linda” and “Hung Up on Tokischa,” respectively. As an openly bisexual woman, Tokischa has also shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community through her songs like “Estilazo” with Marshmello. 

Now, Tokischa wants to throw her support behind artists changing the game like herself. She teamed up with her manager Angelica Piche to launch her record label, SOL. Her global partnership with Warner Music Latina also will include support from Atlantic Records. Through SOL, Tokischa will put out her future music releases as well as sign new artists.

“We are thrilled to launch SOL, a label that will be a home for misunderstood artists,” Piche, SOL’s co-founder who is in charge of the label’s development, shared in a statement. “It’s very important for us to give a voice and a space to people who, like us, started from scratch.”

The Warner Music Latina team have also expressed their excitement about teaming up with Tokischa. In a statement, the label added, “She is an artist who takes counterculture to its highest and best expression. It is a privilege to be part of this new chapter in her career [and] help expand her global impact and support her limitless creative vision.”

Tokischa is currently hard at work on her highly anticipated debut album. On May 30, she will kick off her Nací Perra Pride Tour in honor of the upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride Month.