WATCH: Carla Morrison Releases First-Ever Song in English

Lead Photo: Photo by Rudy Torres,
Photo by Rudy Torres,
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Carla Morrison is going international. On Aug. 4, the Mexican singer-songwriter released her first-ever song in English, “Everything Was For Love,” from the upcoming film “Con Esta Luz (With This Light).” The song and film are tributes to Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, a beloved community figurehead in Honduras who devoted her life to helping children and women from poverty and violence.

The new song was originally in Spanish and called “Todo Fue Por Amor.” At the time of the release earlier this year, Morrison said that she “effortlessly” wrote the song because she relates to Sister Maria Rosa Leggol in the sense that they both love to help people heal through their work. In making the song, she mentioned that it felt like the lyrics were “whispered” by the community leader and the singer’s late father.

“Creating this beautiful song about a maternal, universal, and boundless love became a spiritual and unique experience which was only made better by the English translation,” Morrison said about the new track in a press statement. “Our incredibly talented friend Gaby Moreno helped us not only adapt the original Spanish lyrics into English, but also helped us communicate the true sentimentality of this song which I’m very grateful for.”

The news music video echoes the original in Spanish. It shows unconditional love in children, family, and overall loved ones enjoying each other’s company. The video also features emotional frames of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol smiling, embracing, and being surrounded by her community. Sister Maria Rosa Leggol ultimately passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19. In her life, she helped more than 90,000 Hondurans. She also founded the non-profit organization Sociedad Amigos de los Niños (Friends of the Children Society) in 1966, where she helped provide her community with shelter, safety, hospitals, long-term housing, and more resources.

Today (Aug. 4), Morrison continues her El Renacimiento Tour in Napa, CA. Her tour will take her to venues in the U.S., including San Diego, CA, on Aug. 8 to 9; Portland, OR, on Aug. 16; Seattle, WA, on Aug. 17; and Chicago, IL, on Aug. 21. One of her most highly-anticipated dates include headlining the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA, on Aug. 12. 

Check out the official music video for “Everything Was For Love” below.