WATCH: Residente’s Dropping a New Diss Track & Got Priest’s Blessing To Do So

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Chacin.
Photo by Esteban Chacin.
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Residente is back in action. The emblematic Puerto Rican rapper released a cinematic trailer for an upcoming diss track today (July 12). The highly-anticipated song will drop tomorrow (July 13).

“What happens tomorrow is not my fault, it’s Father Xavier’s fault…[R],” he wrote in an Instagram post. In a previous post, he wrote: “These last two years, I’ve been super focused on several film projects. I’ve concluded one of them, and now I’m ready to take care of a couple of personal matters. Fire is coming this week.”

In the new trailer, Residente walks into a church and toward a priest. As he sits with him, he says he needs to tell him something. Residente tells him he has a tiraera in the works. “I wrote a tiraera last October and I never got a response, y pues… nothing happened,” he explains. 

The priest then asks the rapper what a tiraera is, which he describes as one of the established dynamics of el movimiento. “For me, tiraeras are like a form of venting where you use the tools you have as a writer to surprise your opponent,” he says. Though the priest tells him he’s getting too old to be writing them, Residente explains how it challenges and entertains him. After failing to convince Residente not to write diss tracks anymore, the priest finally gives in and gives him his blessing.

The priest gives Residente his signature black [R] logo hat to put on and says: “Kill them all and turn them into dust. Make them go through the nine circles of hell. May your lyrics turn into fire [and] leave Dante as if he were an asshole. And may they all burn in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone so that they die two deaths.”

The last frame zooms into René’s face as a beat begins in the background. He’s shown pensive and ready for what’s to come tomorrow.

Watch the trailer for Residente’s upcoming diss track below.