WATCH: Tainy Releases New Collab ‘SCI-FI’ With Rauw Alejandro

Lead Photo: Photo by Guillermo Arroyo.
Photo by Guillermo Arroyo.
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On July 22, the renowned Puerto Rican producer Tainy released his latest single, “SCI-FI,” featuring Rauw Alejandro. This is the second taste of his forthcoming debut album DATA.

Following his hit single “Lo Siento BB:/” featuring Bad Bunny and Julieta Venegas, “SCI-FI” takes a different approach. This time, Tainy unveils an upbeat track, making way for Rauw Alejandro’s signature R&B flow. Tainy incorporates a burst of retro and overly digital sounds that make the track extra fitting to its name. 

Rauw’s falsetto dances on top of the groovy electronic melody. By blending all sorts of electro elements – including sporadic sounds of laser beams – with an ‘80s groove, the track pushes experimental electronic music to a different level. Towards the end, we hear Rauw’s vocals completely robotic. We also hear distorted piano sounds with radio-like feedback, possibly the interlude to the album’s next track.

The Elliott Muscat-directed video starts off with the “Callaita” producer “uploading a memory” from a floppy disk. Through distorted visuals, we follow the “Todo de Ti” singer as he arrives at an underground club where Tainy is DJing. Rauw gets infatuated with a woman, but as he approaches her, he’s digitally transported to another virtual dimension. 

The Puerto Rican producer’s album is one to watch out for. From the released singles’ art covers to the album’s Instagram, the highly-anticipated album’s rollout appears to be influenced by anime and Internet nostalgia. These inspirations include floppy disks and vinyl records, as seen per the social media page.

The debut album’s first single, “Lo Siento BB:/,” made an impression in the Latine music industry. It reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, which gave Julieta Venegas her first top 10 on Hot Latin Songs in over a decade.

Watch the video for “SCI-FI” below.