WATCH: The Marías Just Dropped New Music Video — But Wait, There’s More

Lead Photo: Photo by Bethany Vargas
Photo by Bethany Vargas
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Ring the alarm: The Marías are returning soon with a new album. Today (March 7), the alternative pop group revealed the details behind their next LP and released a nostalgic music video for “Run Your Mouth.”

After generating buzz with singles and EPs, the group — led by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter María Zardoya — released their debut album, Cinema, in 2021. A year later, The Marías earned their first Grammy nomination with Cinema in the Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical category. Now Zardoya and her bandmates are teasing their next LP, Submarine, with the new single “Run Your Mouth.”

“Run Your Mouth” blends The Marías’ signature alternative pop sound with a funky edge. Backed by the disco-infused beats, María Zardoya learns to speak up for herself and not let anyone talk over her anymore. She channels her frustrations into a dreamy yet defiant dance anthem.

“This was one of the first songs Josh and I wrote on Submarine,” María Zardoya shared in a statement. I was conflict-avoidant at the time, and whenever someone wanted to talk about something serious, I’d run and hide. I learned that was a protective mechanism, and I didn’t have the capacity to open up. There’s no other song on the album like it. I hope you dance to this one.”

The music video for “Run Your Mouth” was directed by Bethany Vargas. María Zardoya and Josh Conway helped guide the creative direction of the retro visual with Vargas. There’s a Y2K style to the video, with The Marías performing the song inside monochrome boxes reminiscent of the ones *NSYNC and Destiny’s Child used in their videos.

The Marías’ Submarine album will be released on May 31. In 2023, the band was nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy with Bad Bunny thanks to their feature on “Otro Atardecer” from Un Verano Sin Ti