Arcángel & Myke Towers Confront Deadly Heartbreak on “Memoria Rota”

Lead Photo: Photo by Daihoro Moscoso. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Daihoro Moscoso. Courtesy of the artist
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Dominican-American reggaetonero Arcángel teams up with Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers in the music video for “Memoria Rota,” in which he falls victim to heartache.

“Memoria Rota” comes hot on the heels of “Invicto,” which Arcángel dropped earlier this month. While he went harder on “Invicto,” the OG reggaetonero lets his guard down on “Memoria.” With rising newcomer Towers, the two trade verses about moving on from rocky relationships. Electric guitar and a trap beat soundtrack their heartbreak banger.

“This is one of my favorite songs,” Arcángel says to Remezcla. “It’s real, and it’s the only message I want to take to my fans. I like to collaborate with new artists who have something different to offer to the genre, and Myke Towers is one of them.”

The music video for “Memoria Rota” plays out like a movie, with Arcángel repeatedly getting stabbed by the woman he once loved. When he is not on his way to the hospital, he’s singing in a field of roses with Towers. As Arcángel inches ever closer to help, he unfortunately does not get there in time.

“Memoria Rota” and “Invicto” are a part of a string of singles that Arcángel is releasing to mark a new era in his storied career.

Watch “Memoria Rota” here: