Sepp Blatter’s Corruption Finally Takes its Toll: FIFA President Hospitalized for Stress

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Poor old Sepp Blatter (79 years old to be precise) has apparently suffered what is being described as a “small breakdown” by BBC and Agence France-Press, and will remain in the hospital until next Tuesday. I guess being the brazenly corrupt leader of world fútbol’s governing body is finally taking its toll. What would you do if your massive criminal operation was being unraveled and (hopefully) shattered before your very eyes?

Blatter’s spokesman, Klaus Stoklher, stated that the double-dealing president was under “medical evaluation” for stress-related reasons, adding that he is “under a huge pressure” (yes, I guess that’s what happens when the world finally catches up with your dishonorable ways). In case you missed it, the Swiss attorney general opened criminal proceedings against Blatter a little over a month ago, and followed up a few weeks later by provisionally suspending the nefarious chief for 90 days.

Sepp has been quoted telling friends that “no committee can put him out of the game,” and that he is “fully fighting against the ethics committee decision,” a decision he feels to be total nonsense. It looks like his fight will be taking place from a hospital bed for the time being.